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1 Rear Window

I find this movie to be a smidge overrated. There is a lot of wonderful slow-building tension that works very well. But the finally was, essentially, what I was expecting. - BeatlesFan1964

Not only is this another masterpiece between my favorite director and my favorite actor, but is my favorite movie ever - jack2244

2 It's A Wonderful Life

Yet another masterpiece with my favorite actor ever, this movie is my second favorite movie of all time - jack2244

3 Double Indemnity

Another great masterpiece, which is my third favorite movie, but it also stars my favorite actress - jack2244

4 Fantasia

With them adding classical music, not only is it one of my favorite movies, it's also my favorite Disney movie - jack2244

5 Seven Samurai

Undoubtedly my favorite Japanese director, he made this wonderful masterpiece that I will always have in my favorite movies - jack2244

6 Citizen Kane

Always considered one of the greatest movies to ever be made, I would agree - jack2244

7 Casablanca

Also considered one of the greatest movies ever made, I would also agree - jack2244

I could never review this wonderful film, I'd be lost for words. I'd just end up saying.. "It's good! " - Britgirl

8 Key Largo

With an excellent cast, John Huston immortalized it into a wonderful masterpiece - jack2244

9 Goldfinger

As my favorite James Bond movie, it immortalized my favorite movies, and stomped its way into my top 20 greatest movies of all time - jack2244

10 The Godfather

Considered to be the greatest movie by tons of critics, I wouldn't agree about being the greatest, but it's high up there - jack2244

The Contenders

11 The Shawshank Redemption

Also known for being the highest rated movie on IMDb, it did have a story but was not in anyway compared to The Godfather. - jack2244

12 Vertigo
13 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
14 Jurassic Park
15 Toy Story
16 Freaked
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