Top Ten Movies That Rip Off Other Movies

NOTE: I mean no offense if you like any of these movies. Other then that, enjoy.

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1 "Frozen" Rips Off "The Lion King"

I don't get how, and both were made by Disney, which doesn't matter. One of them sucks, and it is the girly winter one. You should know what I mean by that!

I know you guys are gonna say OH BUT THEY WAS BOTH MADE BY Disney! True but if you watch both movies closely, then you realise Disney rip off their own classic movie! Strange isn't it? - Chaotixhero

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2 "Home Alone" Rips Off "Game Over"

First Lion King is not a rip off of Frozen because Lion King is about lions and is like a vivid novel and Frozen is about ice and is like a dime novel, and there are way many movies called Game Over you have to be more specific

You got it backwards. Frozen ripped off the lion king in a few ways - Chaotixhero

Just looked it up, they have nothing alike at all - simpsondude

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3 "Spy Kids" Rip Off "Inspector Gadget"

Hmm from the gears they use... Kinda. - Chaotixhero

4 "Spongebob: Atlantis Squarpantis" Rips Off "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"

Actually, it attempts to satirize it. Albeit, it does terribly at that. But still, it's hardly a rip off.

(Sorry if I mispelled the willy wonka title) Anyway, of course it did. Almost everybody knows SpongeBob ripped off Willy Wonka. That's low even for SpongeBob. - Chaotixhero

5 "MLP: Equestria Girls" Rips Off "High School Musical"

When you get to the school part, yeah they did ripped off High School Musical except better. - Chaotixhero

The hell? Equestria Girls is nothing like High School Musical apart from the whole singing thing. Even then, plenty of movies have songs in them.
Equestria Girls mainly focuses on villains trying to gain power to take over the world. Last time I checked, that wasn't the plot of High School Musical.

6 "Dragon Ball Evolution" Rips Off "Street Fighters"

I'm talking about the Street Fighters movie by the way. - Chaotixhero

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7 "Planes" Rips Off "Cars"

I like cars a billion times better - EpicJake

I don't care if it was made by the same people it's still a rip off. - Chaotixhero

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8 "Digimon: The Movie" Rips Off "Pokemon: The Movie" V 3 Comments
9 "Tarzan" Rips Off "Beauty and the Beast"

Oh yeah never noticed that, I don't even know which ones better honestly - simpsondude

I honestly don't know which came first but eh who cares? - Chaotixhero

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10 "The Hunger Games" Rips Off "Battle Royale"

Battle Royale: a Japanese sci-fi classic, also an outstanding novel and manga series. Controversial and original, the violence in the movie was done extreme on purpose to make a statement. Character development is constantly progressing, and the plot is immersive. Shuya and Noriko aren't "lovebirds" - they're survivors and best friends. Two of the greatest villains ever: Mitsuko (emotional, interesting backstory) and Kiriyama (stone cold, no mercy, intelligent).

Hunger Games: a cheesy, generic love story that incorporate BR's concept to attract a wider audience - but also tones it down to an over-done style of action/adventure. Holt didn't have the guts to pull-off the intensity needed, and instead made a try-hard PG-13 teen flick. Boring, dislikable characters, and one of the worst series endings ever. Katniss is the only truly relatable character. Peeta and Gale are poorly written and just lain dumb. Snow is dull as a villain, and comes off as ridiculous. - ThatStrangeKid42

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? "A Turtles Tale: Sammy's Adventure" Rips Off "Finding Nemo"

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11 "Monster High" Rips Off "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic"

Don't hate me. Even though MLP: Friendship is Magic is more of a T.V. Show and not a movie, I'm still calling it a rip off. - Chaotixhero

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12 "The Reef" Rips Off "Finding Nemo"

I hate this movie. Yeah, it's the worst movie I have seen (I hate it more than the GPK movie, Batman and Robin, Jack and Jill, The Last Airbender, Foodfight! Etc. )

I wouldn't say it was a rip off of Finding Nemo but in terms of looks... yeah except this movie has has horrible writing and animation (on par with Foodfight and Elf Bowling). The plot is a rip off of Karate Kid except the pacing is terrible, it makes no sense, it's nonsentical and repetitive.

13 "Toy Story" Rips Off "The Christmas Toy"

Yep right down to shiny new space toy

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14 "Mac and Me" Rips Off "E.T.The Extra-Terrestrial" V 1 Comment
15 "Friday the 13th" Rips Off "Halloween" V 2 Comments
16 "Critters" Rips Off "Gremlins"

Well, the Critters weren't formed from a cute and gentle creature :-/

And there are other movies some that you have never even heard of like Hobgoblins Munchies and Beasties.

17 "The Good Dinosaur" Rips Off "The Lion King"
18 Gladiformers rips off of Transformers
19 "Avatar" Rips Off "Ferngully"
20 "Quest for Camelot" Rips Off "Beauty and the Beast"
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