Top 10 Movies That Ruined Childhoods in the 90s

Got the idea from Wacthmojo only this time we will be looking at movies from the 90s that most likely ruined your childhood if you were a kid who grew up in the 90s though agree to disagree.

The Top Ten

1 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

I'm pretty sure that most kids in the 90s had not seen Misery nor Stephen King, It during the 90s. Unlike the other 90s films on this list, those two movies weren't for the whole family.

Not a 90s kid but I watched this about 2 years back when I was 17. Thank goodness I didn't watch this as a child because this movie would disturb me.

It's amazing that this movie still garnered a G rating especially with its very dark tones and also it features a creepy old man who completely lusts over the young and beautiful Esmeralda wanting to maker her his or face the fires of hell. - egnomac

Dark and disturbing in the most beautiful and epic possible way!

2 The Witches

It's a movie about witches who plot to turn kids into mice not to mention the high grand witches hideous appearance after taking off her disguise during the meeting in the ballroom which is enough to give kids nightmares. - egnomac

I don't think much kids saw this movies to be honest - germshep24

Terrifying - kaisietoo

3 Stephen King, It!

I could agree with this even if it was only from the trailer for the movie because any kid with a clown phobia most definitely didn't watch it - germshep24

Boring had more fun watching clowns from outer space - Psyluv

This could give kids fear of clowns.

I love this movie - Sabbath

4 The Prince of Egypt

A really amazing yet brutal animated movie that does not hold any punches with its depiction of the slaughtering on Hebrew babies, slaves being brutally whipped and not to mention when the Plaques are unleashed upon Egypt with the final plague the death of the first born children. - egnomac

I wish animated movies could get this dark again, now a days most people think kids can't handle dark themes in animated movies and even in cartoons and insist on treating them like idiots. - egnomac

Any children movie involving a biblical story would ruin a kids childhood, the Bible has some pretty messed up stuff in it that just isn't for kids - germshep24

Loved this movie though its quite full of dark comedy a good laugh - Psyluv

5 Batman Returns

Even darker then the first almost too dark that they toned down the franchise in the 3rd and 4th sequel and we all know how those movies turned out. - egnomac

6 Super Mario Bros.

For any kid who grew up playing the Super Mario games in the early 80's were sadly given this train wreck of a movie based off the game of the same name which literally resembles nothing like the games. - egnomac

Too much sexual references, name calling, violence, and politics for a "Mario movie". Just watch the anime OVA. - Maddox121

Still can't get over the fact that Mario is both Luigi's dad and brother - TwilightKitsune

This is a good laugh don't take it seriously - Psyluv

7 The Lion King

Possibly the moment that disturbed kids is when Mufasa is killed off by Scar and unlike Bambi we actually get to see the aftermath of it all as Simba who's still just a cub is traumatized by the whole situation which is made worse when Scar tricks Simba into believing that Mufasa's death was his fault and tells him to run away and never return which he does before sending the hyenas after him and lets not forget in the finale when Scar is devoured by the hyenas after he throws them under the bus. - egnomac

Couldn't agree more that scene where Scar sinks is claws into mufasa's paws then releases as he falls down into a stampede of animals only to be finished with a crying Simba over his body - germshep24

This movie highly enjoyable awesome can't ever for get rafiki favorite character of the movie as a child - Psyluv

8 Pocahontas

Possibly the darkest moment in the movie is when both the settlers and the Native Americans tribe are getting ready to go to war with one another after a misunderstanding when Kocoum is killed and they plan to execute John Smith as the settlers fired up by Ratchliff who uses their already distrust of the native tribe as both sides refer to the other as Savages. - egnomac

9 Batman & Robin

I really love this movie as a kid, it was fun and stupid, it was more adults that hated it because they could understand what makes a terrible movie - germshep24

Kids loved batman... Kids hated this movie - Maddox121

Puns! - Cyri

10 101 Dalmatians (1996)

How did that ruin childhoods? - DinoLover4242

Good movie

Nah... purty underrated. - Maddox121

The Contenders

11 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

I imagine it must have been disturbing to audiences at the time. I find it hilariously bad, but they might not have.

It looks scary

This is from the 80's. - Trollsfan536

Spoof of Cabbage Patch Kids.

12 Misery

Defiantly not a kids movie but does feature the subject matter of how crazy obsessed fans can be, after getting into a car wreck Paul Sheldon a successful writer is rescued by his #1 fan Annie Wilkes who cares from him while he recovers but her nice act doesn't last long as she goes completely ballistic after finding out that Paul is planning to kill off her favorite character Misery and forces him to write a new book bringing back her favorite character as it becomes pretty clear to Paul that Annie is not gonna let him go especially after she break his ankles to prevent him from escaping. - egnomac

I doubt any kids watched this movie, thus no kids childhood was ruined outside of the couple dumb kids that watched or were forced to watch it.
The movie isn't even a horror movie that sounds enticing to a child. No child wants to watch a boring drama over action, cartoons, and or comedy - germshep24

13 Matilda

This movie definitely had a pretty dark beginning with the evil school principle, but the last half made 90s kids childhood, the thought of having telekinetic powers and being able to get revenge on those that did wrong was very empowering - germshep24

Incredibly dark for a kids movie with the school principal who's a big hulking woman who runs the school with an iron fist punishing kids in brutal fashion just for the hell of it whcih includes her tossing a kid out the window after catching him putting two M&M's in his mouth, grabbing a girl by her pigtails and throws her around, forced a kid to a giant slice of chocolate cake then forces him to eat the rest of the cake, she even resorts to stuffing kids in her closet which she calls the chokee which has nails and broken glass all over and its also hinted that she may have killed Miss Honey's father, and lets not forget about Matilda's parents who are just horrible people who neglect her and berate her for being smarter then them. - egnomac

This movie ruined mine with the mean principal and worst I watched it at school in class

Pure comedy never 4get chocolate cake boy - Psyluv

14 Godzilla (1998)

What the hell did they do to you Godzilla.

Self explanatory. - RustyNail

15 Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
16 Watership Down

This came out in 1978

It was still traumatizing, probably one of the most traumatizing movies after Pinocchio - germshep24

Germshep24 they made Watership Down movies in the 90s even one was made last year.

Pinocchio traumatised me. The “What’s yer name? ” part with the donkey boys hit me hardest.
- TheDuttyGyal

17 Jurassic Park

How does this ruin childhood? - DinoLover4242

18 Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

You mean the new fandom?
Oh sorry they made stupid aliens (Jar-Jar)
Why was it called The Phantom Menace
Oh sorry they did pod racing instead of more scenes of Darth Maul.
Oh sorry Anakin was a 10 year old instead of 14 year old.

19 Return to Oz

Well Watership down is on here.

What? This movie was released in 1980s, not 1990s. - DinoLover4242

20 Poltergeist

80's not 90's - westofohio

21 The Dark Crystal

How could anyone hate this masterpiece - Psyluv

No one's saying they hate it, just that it scared the crap out of them - kanetheundertaker25

Very creepy and gave me nightmares whoever thought this would be a kids show is crazy

22 Felix the Cat
23 The Adventures of Pinocchio
24 The Goonies

This movies from the 80's not 90's. - egnomac

25 Space Jam

How did this ruin childhoods unless you mean the onslaught of movies that came out trying to create the magic this movie made. This is one of the best basket movies ever made with the biggest legend in Basketball ever - germshep24

And they say infinity war is the best crossover in history - Starfan13

26 The Transformers: The Movie
27 South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
28 The Legend of the Titanic

The Legend of the Titanic - Octopus movie.
Titanic The Legend Goes On "Its party time" - is from 2000.

How did this ruin childhood since it was rated G? - DinoLover4242

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