Best Movies and Series Starring Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce is one of the cutest and funniest freckly teenage boys of all time. There are definitely no easy ways of choosing his best work.

The Top Ten Best Movies and Series Starring Cameron Boyce

1 Descendants

I like how Carlos got scared by dude and starts running away. But then he faces his fears thanks to Ben. That was Funny!

"Damn girl! You are on fire! " That was funny!

Cameron Boyce is cute.

Cameron Boyce is cool!

2 Descendants 2

Evie, Jay AND ESPECIALLY CARLOS can way better than stupid Mal!

Cute Carlos!

Love Carlos, HATE JANE!

Carlos has a good smile! 😍

3 Jessie

I honestly don't like watching Jessie, but I like Cameron Boyce.

I can't believe he's dead! R.I.P Cameron Boyce. You will be truly missed. - PandasNGaga

Boring Show Sorry!

4 Descendants 3

Actually when I said that Carlos is overrated, I don't mean it in a bad way.

I can't believe that Descendants 3 was Cameron's final movie before his untimely death! None of us knew that Cameron was going to sadly passed away from his sleep from a medical condition at the age of 20. That's very sad! 😢


Carlos is OVERRATED!

5 Grown-ups
6 Grown-ups 2
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