Movies that Should Have Been Good but Weren't


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21 The Girl on the Train
22 Hulk
23 Matrix Reloaded

This movie is regular, but at least is better than Matrix Revolutions

24 The Amazing Spider-Man 2
25 Man of Steel

When this is the best movie in your new franchise and it's incredibly polarizing, you've got a problem. What we were promised was a retelling and reinvention of the classic Superman origin but what we got was mindless action and convoluted characters.

26 Iron Man 3

Better than 2 but still eh especially following up the Avengers. The big problem with this movie this movie is the narrative structure and twist.

27 Alien 3
28 Thor
29 Batman Forever
30 Batman and Robin
31 The Good Dinosaur
32 Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
33 Tom and Jerry: The Movie V 1 Comment
34 The Lion King

Whoa, I think someone really hated Lion King. Adding it on every list. Just saw a lot of items related to lion king on previous list. - zxm

Yep. I hate this movie so much, it bugs me that it's so praised compared to other (better in my opinion) films. I will try to give TLK the negative reputation it deserves so that everyone knows what kind of story/movie it REALLY is.

35 Mouse Hunt
36 The Angry Birds Movie
37 Hotel Transylvania 2 V 1 Comment
38 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story V 1 Comment
39 Spawn
40 Warcraft
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