Top 10 Movies that Should Have Lower Rotten Tomatoes Scores

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21 Thor: The Dark World
22 Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Don't agree. Underrated sequel that is arguably better than the first one. - Mrveteran

23 James and the Giant Peach

This deserves NOWHERE near 90%
My Score: 10% - AlphaQ

24 Iron Man 2
25 The Aristocats
26 Due Date

It has 40% which isn't a good score. 40% is too low for this excellent movie. How bout a 90% - AlphaQ

27 Shrek
28 Avatar
29 The Jungle Book

It's good but it doesn't deserve 95 percent. - cooldude2016

30 Fun and Fancy Free

No, this film is underrated. I liked it, but some complaints people have made (mostly towards a certain scene in the "Bongo" segment) are ridiculous... - SailorSedna

31 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

60% is the perfect score for this. Wasnt that bad. - AlphaQ

32 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome
33 Treasure Planet
34 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
35 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
36 Dumb and Dumber
37 Coraline
38 Open Season
39 Where to Invade Next
40 Moana

I has extremely low expectations for it because it's Disney and I loathe that studio but it was better than what I expected by a mile. Wow.
RT Score: 95%
My Score: 75% - AlphaQ

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