Movies That Should Have Parodies Involving Pokemon

The Top Ten

1 Dawn of the Planet of the Pokemon - Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
2 The Poke Avengers - The Avengers
3 Rise of the Planet of the Pokemon - Rise of the Planet of the Apes

I could imagine the Pokemon turning against trainers. - aarond09

The Pokemon could lock up their trainers... - aarond09

This would be great! - Kiteretsunu

Yes! "Pikachu is home." - NerdyPweeps

4 Something Darkrai This Way Comes - Something Wicked This Way Comes
5 Poketopia - Zootopia

Actually, I would love to see something like this. I'm imagining a mystery dungeon style movie. - Solacress

6 Hitmonchan Balboa - Rocky
7 The Murkrow - The Crow
8 Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Squirtles in a half shell turtle power. - egnomac

9 Mr. Croagunk's Wild Ride - Mr. Toads Wild Ride
10 Reshiram - Godzilla

Reshiram (Godzilla)
Darkrai (M.U.T.O. 1)
? (M.U.T.O. 2)
Who should be M.U.T.O. 2? - aarond09

The Contenders

11 Poke Wars - Star Wars

"Pickachu I am your trainer" Pickachu: that's not true that's impossible. - egnomac

12 The Fennekin and the Growlith - The Fox and the Hound
13 Reshiram - Godzilla (2014)

Reshiram vs Darkrai? Anyone? - aarond09

14 The Super Pichu Bros Movie - The Super Mario Bros Movie
15 The Pyroar King - The Lion King
16 Suicide Pokedex - Suicide Squad
17 How the Groudon Stole Christmas - How the Grinch Stole Christmas
18 Primoana - Moana
19 Straight Outta Pokemon - Straight Outta Compton
20 Pikachu Gump - Forrest Gump

Life is like a ball of Pokemon. You don't know what you're gonna catch

21 Meowth and Pikachu: The Movie - Tom and Jerry: The Movie
22 Pokemon: The Movie: Wooper Out of Water - SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie: Sponge Out of Water.
23 Pokemons - Minions
24 Despikachul Me - Despicable Me
25 Pokemon: Pikachu and the Birth of Kalos - Doraemon: Nobita and the Birth of Japan.
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