Top 10 Movies that Should Never Get a Sequel

Movies either good or bad that should definitely never get a sequel.

The Top Ten

1 The Emoji Movie

If it does end up getting a sequel, it better go straight to dvd instead of being put in theaters - MegaSoulhero

This would probably never get a sequel. - Fullwalking2

I bet it will get a sequel

Speak the truth - Hyehaha

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2 Foodfight!

No just no a sequel has as much to exist as the first Foodfight! which is no way in hell. - egnomac

NO! - e9090

3 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

This movie sucks, it would never get a sequel! - Fullwalking2

Heck no!

4 Jack and Jill

Worst Adam Sandler movie ever - Cartoonfan202

5 Norm of the North

It's actually getting one but hopefully it goes straight to DVD - Phillip873

God help us all for the Norm of the North sequel - Randomator

It is getting one. - Cartoonfan202

This movie ends on a tragic note. Norm has the people melt the icebergs, thus killing his family, and everyone he ever knew/loved in the process.
What do you mean, that's not the ending to the upcoming sequel...?
IT BETTER BE. - mattstat716

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6 Dirty Grandpa
7 Freddy Got Fingered
8 The Boss Baby

It's getting a sequel called The Bossier Baby, ugh. - Cartoonfan202

No not this one

Kick the baby!
"Don't kick the baby..." - mattstat716

9 Home on the Range

I've finally decided that I will stop hating on The Lion King, I decided to watch it again after a few years of hating and I love it. No more hating from me anymore.

Actually, The Lion King is the worst Disney movie ever.

This is the worst Disney movie ever! It better not get a sequel! - MegaSoulhero

I thought it was okay.
This movie didn't kill off traditional animation, though.
It was actually Treasure Planet. - mattstat716

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10 The Secret Life of Pets

Literally no reason for a sequel other than money, I hate Illumination Entertainment - Phillip873

We all know that if it gets one it's going to be a cash cow film - Randomator

It was mediocre at best, and mediocre at worst.
A very mediocre movie. Not bad, but not good. - mattstat716

Jpk likes it - BoyGenius234

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The Contenders

11 The Last Airbender
12 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

I know I am boy but I liked it and it should have a sequel - Sausagelover99

13 Sex Tape
14 Due Date
15 The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

But that itself is a sequel...

16 Where the Dead Go to Die
17 Rough Night
18 Minions

Terrible movie but it's getting a sequel, no... - Phillip873

19 Pixels

I liked it... - mattstat716

@mattstat716 Same

20 Frozen

They are doing a sequel - Sausagelover99

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