Top 10 Movies that Should Stop Getting Hate

Move on. There are movies that are 100 times worse than some of these.

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1 Frozen

Folks, the hype has considerably died down and there's nowhere near as much merchandise as there once was. Go find something else to complain about.

This movie gets WAY too much hate, when actually it has great music and just is a fantastic movie!

Perfectly fine Disney fare, whose hatred astounds me. It isn't the best, but far worse has been released before. - Mrveteran

Couldn't have said it better - 445956

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2 Spider-Man 3

I agree. This movie may not be as good as 'Spiderman 1&2', but it's sure as hell better than those 'Amazing Spiderman' movies. - SuperSonic17

Very satisfying closure to a great trilogy. Why people hate this so much, I have no idea? - Mrveteran

It was good

3 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

It doesn't deserve the hate. Your just mad because they killed off ham solo

Mediocre blockbuster? Yep. Not a grounds to hate a movie though. - Mrveteran

Nope. It deserves its hate for being unoriginal. What a waste by J.J. Abrams and Disney.

J.J. Abrems did a good job on this!

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4 Zootopia

The "controversy" on this site that pretty much plagued every movie goer here. Dumb, and completely avoidable if people learned to GROW UP. - isaaonrtdmtr

It's not even hated! - darthvadern

I don't care if people like it, But I hate disgusting drawings out of it - VideoGamefan5

5 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

I agree, it doesn't deserve this much hate, it brought back Star Wars after 16 years, plus it has that amazing light saber battle between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan vs. Darth Maul, also when Qui-Gon Jinn dies, it's really sad. This movie shouldn't get that much hate. - PeeledBanana

6 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

A mediocre closure to the series, of which wouldn't have received the bile had Lucas not been as involved. - Mrveteran

Worst of the series but it isn't that bad - PeeledBanana

It's a great movie! - darthvadern

7 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Are you people still complaining about TFA? Disney bought Star Wars, get over it!

No! It deserves it! It's overrated and disappointing than FA

Haters don't understand it was better than TFA

Deserves its hate - VideoGamefan5

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8 Jennifer's Body
9 Pixels

I found it to be quite enjoyable actually. It had nice graphics, and the story wasn't too cheesy or stupid. 6/10 - isaaonrtdmtr

Good - PeeledBanana


10 Chronicle

What hate did this receive? Nonetheless, I support some of the backlash here, given that this is an overrated movie which is tonally confused (switching from funny coming of age film to dark serious piece), badly paced and has a horrible message (in which if you come from an abusive or bad household, you'll end up bad regardless). - Mrveteran

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11 Captain America: Civil War

I thought it was great! It has it's flaws! But remains one of Marvel's Best!

Some people hate it - PeeledBanana

Its not hated

12 Chicken Little
13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

I like it - PeeledBanana

14 Finding Dory
15 Twilight

The original isn't that bad. Not great, but it's perfectly watchable fluff that at least does a good job of introducing viewers to its world. - Mrveteran

The joke "Still a better love story than Twilight" is old now - PeeledBanana

16 Transformers
17 Cars 2
18 Transformers: Age of Extinction

Atrocious - PeeledBanana

Get This Off The List
But It's Completely Fine If You Like It - JPK

19 The Lion King

The only person who hates it is that dam lion king hater

I agree. - Cartoonfan202

Correction: It has everything I don't want in a movie, horrible plot, horrible music, crummy scenes and it's characters are the worst cast of characters ever. Thank you for respecting my opinion, though.

Nah, it deserves to be hated.

No it doesn't, it has amazing music, likable characters, interesting plot, emotional scenes, and everything you would want in a movie. But I respect your opinion. - PeeledBanana

20 The Secret Life of Pets

I didn't really like it, it was very predictable and cliched. - isaaonrtdmtr

Why? This movie sucks & maybe the worst movie ever in my opinion

Deserves the hate

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