Movies That Should Win the Best Picture Oscar In 2014


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1 The Wolf of Wall Street

Why not? Because oscar are mad at LEonardo? That must be the answer.

2 12 Years a Slave

Even though that this movie (at some parts) were really hard to watch, 12 years a slave is still a true masterpiece. Every character is amazing in their performances! A must see, even though a lot of people can't handle it. - TheGameBoy815

This movie was barely watchable! It is somewhat good but it's not as good as I expected... I'm not really sure of why people consider it better than the other nominees... - keyson

3 Captain Phillips

Captain Philips should've won at least TWO Oscars. Gravity sucks. All they did was float around.

4 Gravity
5 Dallas Buyers Club
6 Her

This looked like a bad movie. - Jetticus12

7 American Hustle

This movie is phenomenal!

8 Philomena
9 Nebraska
10 Frozen

No! This is just too overrated I should've saw hunger games catching fire or thor the dark world instead of this garbage! I only like Olaf

I hate to say this, but Frozen won Best Animated Picture and Best Musical. I hate the movie too.

It wasn't even nominated. Why are people voting for this? Why are some movies on this list ones that weren't even nominated?

Why is this on here, WHY?!

Lovely movie for kids and adult. My daughter Mahek loves looks at the movies over and over.

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11 The LEGO Movie

Wow, the insane love for this movie knows no bounds. Wrong year and not even deserving of best animated feature let alone best picture.

Great movie but it was in 2014 sorry.

12 Rush
13 The Maze Runner
14 Interstellar

It shouldn't just win the academy award for best movie of 2014,It should also win the best movie ever with godfather part 1 and part 2

15 The Place Beyond the Pines

Best movie of 2013

16 Godzilla
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