Movies that Shouldn't Be Remade


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1 Back to the Future

This is one of the best movies ever, I hope they don't remake it. - PeeledBanana

Sorry to tell u but...

2 The Empire Strikes Back
3 Ferris Bueller's Day Off
4 Forrest Gump

Only if they ley play Tom Hanks

5 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
6 Jaws
7 Jurassic Park
8 Home Alone
9 Titanic

Shouldn't have been made the first time. It stank.

10 Matilda

The Newcomers

? Citizen Kane

After the disaster that was the Psycho remake, I think Hollywood should leave the classics alone.

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11 The Lion King

Disney doesn't care about new and innovation only $$$ that's why we have 2 to 3 remakes a year now and a princess movie almost every year a star wars movie every year pirates going on for too long and pixar now making too many sequels its all because that mouse wants his money the only movies that are wroth it are the marvel movies to this point - ikerevievs

It sucks that it's getting remade, just to take over the box office more than the animated original did.

Hey, they pulled off a couple of remakes like Jungle Book and Cinderella. I trust that Disney can do with this. - Mcgillacuddy

It's probably gonna gross over 2 billion dollars at the box office - PeeledBanana

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12 Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
13 Die Hard

It would be difficult to remake this. I think people would reject the new antagonist and protagonist. Allan Rickman and Bruce Willis will forever be associated to this, at least for me. Hollywood has certainly worked magic before, but this would be really tough to pull off - Ned964

Please don't - EliHbk

14 Wall-E

Disney probably will in the future - ikerevievs

15 Pulp Fiction
16 Sixteen Candles
17 The Little Mermaid

Unfortunately, the remake is happening. And Lin-Manuel Miranda is doing the music. I wonder if it will be possible for them to actually make Ariel likeable in the remake. - MegaSoulhero

18 Blade Runner

The original would be difficult to redo, given that it is pretty close to perfect in my eyes. I wouldn't count it out, because at some point someone will think they can make money off it, but I can't see ever watching it, it would just conflict with my high regard for the original. - Ned964

19 Full Metal Jacket
20 Groundhog Day
21 Rain Man
22 Hook
23 Rush Hour
24 The Blues Brothers
25 Alien

I can see this being redone, but not for quite some time. We're not even done seeing the prequels of the original franchise. - Ned964

26 Aliens
27 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Really unnecessary to remake this classic - Ned964

28 Fantasia
29 Braveheart

This and all the others on this list should never be remade!

30 Raiders of the Lost Ark
31 Memento
32 Goodfellas
33 The Godfather

Please. This movie has zero chance of being remade. - Ned964

34 Seven

Couldn't be topped really. - Ned964

35 Good Will Hunting
36 To Kill a Mockingbird

I Hope not. - Ned964

37 The Emoji Movie
38 Tangled
39 Catwoman

If they plan to do it right, that would be great, because like many others I found this one really bad. - Ned964

40 House of Flying Daggers

I really like this. Yes, please don't remake it. - Ned964

41 Yellow Submarine
42 Clueless

Hmm. Could this work? I mean, it is a movie I really like, but maybe this could be tastefully remade. - Ned964

43 The Lego Movie

Too good to try to top. - Ned964

44 Lost in Translation
45 The Departed

Impossible to top the original. Too many good performances. - Ned964

46 Casino
47 The Wizard of Oz
48 Memoirs of a Geisha

I think this one is really good, but I've also seen a few critics pan the film. Maybe it's a good candidate for a remake then, because the story is so good. - Ned964

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