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1 Titanic

This movie truly is sad and happy in different aspects. The death of SO MANY... the LOSS of a great love (Jack & Rose) And just the sinking of the ship itself. I feel touched, and also empty when I'm through with this movie. It's just the greatest movie ever. And the ENDING will ALWAYS make you cry like a CHILD. Outstanding cast and director. And James Horner is an amazing musician. - HolyDeth

I normally HATE romance movies, and NEVER cry during a movie no matter how sad it is. But when I watched the Titanic for the first time, I couldn't stop crying when the ship began to sink and everything that happened afterward. This movie is now on of my favorite movies ever!

The saddest thing is that Rose killed Jack in a way. If she had just stayed on that boat, Jack would've found the driftwood and assumably found Rose. And besides, doesn't that driftwood look big enough for the both of them? Ever heard of taking turns?

One of the actors on the flash was in this movie I all most cryed when I saw it and I didn't even see the hole thing because of my dad said it was inproped for my brother

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2 Bridge to Terabithia

I never really cry in a movie and I have seen many sad ones. But this movie was the first to make me cry when the girl dies. It depressed the hell out of me for two weeks.

It was so depressing. That movie made my heart shrink

When the girl dies my heart turns to ashes like if someone has burned it.

I didn't like this film for some reason... - 51im_Ro55_2002

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3 Marley & Me

The ending gets me every time I watch it. Owen Wilson talking to marley saying he's not the worst dog, the wife sitting there crying, and the son watching tapes of the family and marley having fun gets me very teary. But when marley gets the injection and closes his eyes, niagra falls. My dog (also a lab) went the same way.

I don't get it. Why isn't this the first? I have watched titanic, and Bridge To Terabithia a couple of times, but THIS movie right here makes me cry EACH AND EVERY single time, harder than before. This movie made me cry more than both of those above there combined. Shame it isn't number 1, Titanic is cliche in front of this.

(P.S Maybe it's because I own a dog, AND it's a labrador :C)

I only watched it once, but that was enough. Most of the other movies on here I've never even seen, but I'm already positive that this one should have won for saddest. Like, EVER!

This was the only movie to ever make me cry. :'(

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4 The Green Mile

John Coffey did nothing wrong. he was Innocent, Innocent, INNOCENT! - aeromaxx777

Love this movie... I am in heaven I am in heaven... The end is just awe inspiring... Tom hanks is a master

Never cried so hard, tears were flooding and I was bawling like a baby. Absolutely heart wrenching.

Best movie

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5 Toy Story 3

I was totally confused, sad, and mad ALL at once! Andy HAD to give his toys away, I was expecting him to give them to his kids! Great movie, sad ending

The only movie that made me cry in my whole life, and I'm rough as chuck norris, man

Now I wanna bite Andy. Jerk,

The only movie that's ever made me cry. - Hajj

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6 The Notebook

I cried so hard to this movie! :'( never seen a movie so sad! The end of the movie made me cry like a little baby! :'( and I couldn't stop crying until 10 minutes after the movie had ended!

I cried so hard my city could her it. My baby sister came in my room and said you are a baby. I could not stop crying for half in hour and I will watch this forever. After watching this I have so many emotions.P. S best movie ever seen and if you like to cry this is a movie for you and I am 18 going uft for life since what what

I've seen "the notebook" 2 times, and I cried like a baby when I saw it, it's a really good movie! Everyone should see it!

It was so nice it mad me belive in god by ture love

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7 Old Yeller

When they shoot him I about lose it

Don't know anybody who's seen it that didn't cry a little.

Watching this and reading the book makes me break out in tears loves and idont do that very often

Saddest movie ever!

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8 E.T. - The Extra Terrestrial

I cried when E. T died and when he was going back to his home planet. But it was a great movie but it made you cry in some parts and laugh in others. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen

The only thing sadder than this was the Atari game.

I know I cried in the same exact spot - michaelwalton

I cried during the ending

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9 All Quiet On the Western Front
10 Schindler's List

It's not just one scene, it's the entire film. It's made in such a way that moved me to tears. - logblobo

I believe this can contest Titanic EASILY.
Better music. Better directing. Better acting, even.
And also a sadder true story :( this should be number 1.

How is this just at number 9. It should be number 1. This movie is amazing and extremely sad.

Cried like... Oh my god.Never forget that moment.

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11 The Fox and the Hound

More than 20 years since the first time I saw it and I still cannot watch this movie without breaking down in tears... Multiple times.

BEST FILM OF ALL TIME I CRIED SO HARD, so sad, never be a better film

"Keep running, Bambi...keep running"

I find it sad that Tod & Copper can’t be friends. Even at the end. They need to make a sequel ( yes I’m aware there is a 2nd movie, but it’s a prequel ) - DaringXx

12 Forrest Gump

Makes me cry so much every time. I can't stop watching it either it is just so sad. Watched it several times already and still haven't gotten tired of it!

This movie made me cry... And Titanic didn't make me cry.. I NEVER cry about movies... D:

My mama said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. -Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump)

R.I.P Bubba, Mama Gump And Jenny. Your are in Forrest's heart. His son will not have a mom.

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13 The Passion of The Christ

never ever cried so hard in my life! - luvtoread

Some movies make you tear up. This movie makes you SOB. Never have I seen a movie so emotionally exhausting

WhenWhen Jesus gets whipped and nailed to the criss makes me cry so hard. Not just because he did this for me and he loves me but how innocent and good he is. How he cries to God to forgive the men who did that to him I cannot understand. Makes me bawl every time. I'm crying just thinking about it!

I haven't seen the whole movie, just a short 4 minute clip of it and I cried more than I ever have before.

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14 Bambi

How is it that Disney always know how to make us cry? Like in the fox and the hound when the old lady leaves the fox behind. Gets me every time and I'm 20.

Bambi's mother was shot and killed by a hunter! Then Bambi is yelling/crying for his dead mother! Total tear jerker!

I cries when the mom died

15 Armageddon

I can't believe this isn't on here... I cried for days during and after this amazing, incredible film. Saddest thing I've ever seen. I love it.

Oh my god, I remember when I just cried my eyes out while watching this movie. It was so sad when Bruce Willis sacrificed himself to save the guy his daughter loved. So sad...

Lets be honest, we all know how Passion of the Christ is going to end

This movie should be in the top 3...

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16 Up

How is this not higher?! The opening montage of carl growing up made me cry so much!

After the first 10 minutes, I cried the rest of the movie!

I cried the whole movie!

You cry when the movie is starting. :( - SamuiNeko

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17 Inside Out

I cried when Riley was running away and Sadness fixed her problems.

The only movie to ever make me feel something.. wow, I guess my cold black actually has emotions :o

18 Hachi: A Dog's Tale

This movie is easily number 1 here. I saw a lot of movies from the top ten, they can't even reach the cries of hachi

The only movie where I cried several times while watching and I cried oceans of tears. It really broke my heart into pieces.

If you are a dog lover... You'll surely cry in this..

Saddest movie I've ever seen. - Userguy44

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19 Brian's Song
20 Charlotte's Web (1973)

When charlotte died I couldn't hold my sorrow it reminds me of my brother a little bit. how would you feel if a friend of yours died.

21 The Lion King

It is a good movie if you have not seen it watch it with your kids and grandkids and toddlers too.

I cried of sadness as well as happyness. Truly amazing movie!

The Lion King Is Sad When Muefassa Dies. :'(

22 Ways to Live Forever
23 Interstellar
24 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

it is so sad I cried so much just to imagine what they go through and what the father has done. Also what the Nazi do to the Jews it makes me so angry and sad. SUCH A GOOD MOVIE

Me and my friends watched, only to end up crying on the kitchen floor. One of us didn't even finish watching it since she couldn't stand the idea alone. I just hated the image that movie carves into your head when they show you that door, that door!

I had to read the book first and I was crying the entire time. it was so sad when the two boys die... and I'm only 12!

This movie was so sad, especially at the ending. I'm surprised nobody in my classroom (not even me) cried. - Powerfulgirl10

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25 Finding Nemo
26 The Shawshank Redemption

Quite possibly the best film of all-time. If you haven't seen it, you must. You'll be happy, after viewing this extremely well-made motion picture. - moviefan1990s

I kept thinking about it for weeks. Truly an amazing movie to show how we can make the best out of any situation, Cried not once but multiple times.

This movie is just simply AMAZING.

This movie made me cry tears of sadness, but also tears of joy!

It made me realized that, "Everything happens for a reason. "

I would recommend everyone to see this movie!

~ It'll blow your mind ~

27 My Sister's Keeper

Absolutely touching story line. Really humbling movie that makes you think about the ones that you love in life and the lengths you would go for their sake. - aue3611

28 Finding Dory
29 A Walk to Remember

Why did she have to die?! I cried like a baby. - LadyLioness

I just finished watching it, never cried so much in my life. Such and emotional movie, one of my favorites now. :')

Never cried more in my whole life of a movie! This one of the best cry movies ever I just simply loved it!

I cry my eyes out every time I watch it...

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30 Maleficent
31 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

When Han Solo died, everyone just started crying like crap, we still do today, that's how sad it was.

I was close to crying, mostly I felt sick, thinking: How can that have happened?

32 Babe
33 Dumbo

I remember when I saw this at age 7 but now at age 13 I cry so much I can't watch the movie! - Artattack

34 The Man in the Moon

The one with Reese Witherspoon - luvtoread

35 Charlotte's Web (2006)
36 The Rescuers
37 Click

This is like one of the only comedies where you can cry about it is just so sad with all the growing up and deaths it's just overall a great movie

Never thought I'd cry in an Adam Sandler movie, but it was so sad, the bit at the hospital it heart wrenching.

38 Beaches

Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey - Shakester

39 Grave of the Fireflies

I've teared up in movies before, but this is the only that made me cry. I bawled the first time. A truly moving and profound film, not just sappy sentimentality.

WHY THE HECK IS THIS SO LOW! This is way sadder then Titanic and basicly a bunch others in the top ten! Only 0.2? Come on!

Basically the saddest film ever made. It will rip your heart out with a spoon; slowly and painfully.

Hit me so hard. One of the best.

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40 Monsters, Inc.

I cried when Randall was banished - Camaro6

"...kitty? "

I love it when Boo and Sulley were having a nice relationship!
Sorry Mike, you’re funny, but you try to make Boo laugh.
However, smart of you using your friendship intelligence and team spirit in Monsters University!

41 My Girl

Once you have kids that age, it has to be the saddest

I watched it n it was sad. :(

42 Lady and the Tramp
43 A Beautiful Mind

Only two movies ever made me cry. E.T and A Beautiful Mind

44 Where the Red Fern Grows

Why must the good die young. This is one of the greatest movies of all time and the red fern growing on Dan and Ann's grave was beautiful.

no matter how many times I watch this, it always gets me - luvtoread

45 Savior

I cry every time I see this movie. "Savior" is really sad, emotional and touching film. The ending was especially sad - Irina2932

46 The Blind Side

Amazing movie true do unto others moments

Its really make me cry when I just sre his mom hugging him I love the film so much and make me knows that people must love you however you act


47 The Pursuit of Happyness

40! What is this movie doing at #40 on this list!
I love this movie and although it has a happy ending still it can make anyone
Cry. The scene where will smith and his son spend night in public restroom and also the end scene are really emotional... Vote for this movie guys!

Will Smith and his son Jaden are INCREDIBLE.
Forrest Gump is nice too. -

I bet this one will make you cry like a Baby.. :'(

Exactly not worth of d best...what an outstanding actor this man is! would really force tears to roll down your cheeks till the end...

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48 Ghost
49 I am Sam

I cryed like a baby when I watched it

50 Oliver & Company
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