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81 Milk

oh when harvey milk dies and when james francos rolle sees the all the marching people I just cried my lungs out

82 Field of Dreams

Maybe just sad for people with daddy issues, but for those of us with them... damn - almenkes

83 Menace II Society
84 Michael Jackson: This Is It
85 Saw III
86 Crash
87 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
88 Time of the Gypsies
89 The Butterfly Effect

Do you ever cry at ending? The best one you will ever see with back sound!

90 Charlotte's Web (1973)

When charlotte died I couldn't hold my sorrow it reminds me of my brother a little bit. how would you feel if a friend of yours died.

91 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

"The Air That I Breathe"... Perfect song choice at the end. Great movie with a great soundtrack. Steve Carell's best performance for sure.

Come on, this movie made me sob! I'd tell you about them, but I don't wanna spoil it...

92 Ted

Don't mean to spoil but, what happened in the movie?

Friendly Power Between John Bennet and his teddybear make me so Sad :'(..
When I see that movie, I think, we can't life in this planet without friend.. So, The Friendly power between John Bennet and his teddybear is so stronger.. Even, his girlfriend can't cut his friendly power with his teddybear.

93 50/50
94 The Iron Giant

An unexpected friendship builds between a boy and a giant robot. More than just being friends because of their differences in species, the two find that they care and love each other in the face of danger and persecution

One of the only movies I have ever full out cried in

95 The Host
96 Hachiko

It's sad and good and true

97 Gladiator
98 Cinema Paradiso

A story of a filmmaker whose father-like projectionist dies and he is led to his hometown where he embraces many memories of his past he tried to leave behind him.

99 Les Misérables

"To love another person is to see the face of God"

100 Beauty and the Beast

One of the best love stories

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