Top 10 Movies that Took a Long Time to Make

These movies were in production for many years before they finally made it to the silver screen!

The Top Ten

1 Foodfight!: 12 Years

12 YEARS this thing looks like it was done in less than a week. - egnomac

Who says the filming was twelve years. I was making a joke comment by the way - Legoguy02

Really 12 years this looks like it was rushed out - ikerevievs

2 Cronos: 8 Years
3 Pakeezah: 14 Years
4 The Thief and the Cobbler: 28 Years
5 Boyhood: 12 Years
6 Mad Max: Fury Road: 15 Years

Easily my favorite of the past 5 years. - Sop

7 Avatar: 10 Years

I heard about the long period of time of this film James Cameron is a well Director - Kevinsidis

I hate this movie so much. - Sop

8 The Simpsons Movie: 9 Years

So worth it when it came out in 2007 when the idea came out in the 19th centaury - Sausagelover99

PFFTT the 19th century!?!?! HAHAA - SoldierOfFortune

9 Apocalypse Now: 5 Years
10 Sleeping Beauty: 8 Years

The Contenders

11 Coco: 7 Years
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