Top Ten Movies Videogamefan5 Dislikes that Most People Like

Please read the description: I don't hate most of these films, but i find them not as good as most people say, most films here aren't that bad, but because many people on the site did these lists, i might edit this list

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1 The Fate of the Furious

I like this film personally. Good plot and everything but I agree that some scenes were confusing. Fast 5 was better than this. - AlphaQ

Most confusing scenes ever, In your face car crashes, just not that good of a movie, Poorly paced action, the same movie as the last one, if they would've gotten a better concept then car crashes and nudity, maybe I would'nt strongly dislike it, but instead i - VideoGamefan5

I Hate Fate of the Furious Dominic a bad guy worst idea ever.

I personally got tired of the franchise after the third sequel and I'm not referring to Tokyo Drift as it's not a true sequel, but yeah The Fate of The Furious was pretty meh. - egnomac

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2 The Amazing Spider-Man

This movie is just not unique at all, little character devolpment, same goes for its sequel, it's too generic, though it isn't as bad as it's awful sequel, it's just not as great as people say - VideoGamefan5

A lot of people hate this movie - MegaSoulhero

You're not alone. I hate it too. - TwilightKitsune

3 Suicide Squad

Hate for liking it, hate for not liking it, you technically get the twist, - VideoGamefan5

Why do people even like this trash?

I haven't seen it. - PeeledBanana

I don't love this, but I like it. - darthvadern

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4 Titanic

A basic love story, not the type I like the most, while its not "worst" material, it definitely feels like it could be MUCH better with a MUCH better storyline, just not as good as many say, not awful - VideoGamefan5

Most disgusting piece of romance I've ever seen. Good list by the way. - AlphaQ

The most overrated movie of all time. - MegaSoulhero

5 The Good Dinosaur

Not a bad movie by any means but again, this would be my least favorite Pixar movie, but I'll respect it - VideoGamefan5

I love this movie, enviroment was beautiful, cool characters, I just dislike Spot, and also, many people dislike this. - darthvadern

6 Ghostbusters (2016)

I know many hate it, but It still got positive reviews, and it still gets defended, I just needed something to fill 10 items - VideoGamefan5

7 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Not the Worst, but yet again its highly the most overrated cash grab, but hey, it's watchable - VideoGamefan5

8 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A lot of people hate this movie. - MegaSoulhero

I just don't find the first 2 reboot movies of spiderman great, this movie just really failed for me, the villians were jokes, and it just felt basic - VideoGamefan5

9 La La Land

Not one of the worst as many here on the site say, but certainly overtreated, "great for families", there's several language and sexual moments, not what I call in the "great for families" section, maybe families who can watch it, but not all - VideoGamefan5

Too annoying too be watched. I know DCfnaf hates this. - AlphaQ

10 Ice Age: Continental Drift

I find this along with most ice age sequels overhyped, and oversaturated, I still don't understand why people keep on asking for more of these movies - VideoGamefan5

This is the best of the five ice age movies along with the third one. - darthvadern

My opinion
Ice Age Movies Ranked (Best to Worst)
Ice Age
Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Ice Age: Collision Course
Ice Age: Continental Drift (sort of like it) - PeeledBanana

The Contenders

11 Avengers: Age of Ultron

I really didn't like this installment to the Avengers franchise. But I think I covered it well before. - naFrovivuS

12 The Boss Baby
13 Hotel Transylvania

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