Top Ten Best Movies to Watch in December

2017 November is almost already over, and 2017 December is coming soon. I love Decembers and I think this December will be awesomne too! It is always fun and comfortable to watch a great movie in December, but what movies are best to watch in December? Let's find out.

The Top Ten

1 Arthur Christmas

The best christmas movie out there in my opinion. Who wouldn't instantly love this? This movie is hilarious to watch in December and Christmas. There were so many funny moments, it's not Aardman's best movies but close, I would say, my third favourite Aardman movie. A great movie for all ages! - darthvadern

2 Star Wars

December is the month where Star Wars movies are usually being released in theaters, so why not watch a movie of the franchise in December? It's amazing! I remember watching The Phantom Menace December 31st 2016 for the first time, it was great! And I love The Phantom Menace, and I like Attack of the Clones too. And I believe this is also a great movie to watch in December. - darthvadern

3 Siv Sover Vilse

A swedish movie released in November 2016, even though it was November, this movie has a christmas setting, much snow, much gingerbreads and so on. It's a great movie and is based on one of my childhood books with the same name! I recommend this movie highly! - darthvadern

4 Toy Story that Time Forgot

Ok, this isn't really a "movie", it's a television special but I'm counting it anyway since it's a christmas special. This is one of the weaker Toy Story movies in my opnion, it takes place after the events of Toy Story 3, it's a 20-minutes christmas television special, but I enjoyed it so I'm counting it anyway. - darthvadern

5 Toy Story 2

Nostalgia, enough said, my favourite movie in the Toy Story trilogy as well. - darthvadern

6 Toy Story

Nostalgia, enough said! - darthvadern

7 Cars

Just needed entries. - darthvadern

8 Cars 2

Just needed entries. - darthvadern

9 Home Alone

I think this needs to be at least in the top ten. I really loved this when I was younger! This movie never gets old! - TheFourthWorld

10 Cars 3

There's gonna be Cars 3? I hope it isn't gonna be bad like the 2nd movie. - TheFourthWorld

Just needed entries. - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Monsters, Inc.

Just needed entries. - darthvadern

12 The Polar Express
13 Coco (2017)
14 Elf
15 Christmas with the Kranks
16 Once Upon a Deadpool
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