Top Ten Movies to Watch On Halloween


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1 Halloween

Someone please add Hollow Man and Psycho (1998)

2 The Nightmare Before Christmas

Love this movie so much, Jack is such a lovable character. A perfect mix of creepiness, comedy, music, and romance, this movie is perfect for Halloween, Christmas, and any other time of the year!

This movie is great for Halloween and Christmas.

The songs are so catchy! I love it!

3 A Nightmare On Elm Street


4 The Exorcist
5 Dark Shadows

Almost every Tim Burton film is a worthy Halloween watch. - jezza0

I love that this movies features Alice Cooper. Alice is awesome!

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6 The Purge
7 Saw
8 Friday the 13th
9 Beetlejuice

I always loved this movie. Michael Keaton makes a great Beetlejuice.

10 Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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11 Alien
12 Nosferatu

One of the greatest vampire movies ever made!

13 Alice Cooper: The Nightmare Returns

This was filmed on Halloween 1986 and it's one really awesome concert. During the concert he uses a baby doll, a boa constrictor, a guillotine and much more. He even has people dressed in creepy costumes. You even see Jason Voorhees for a short moment. This whole concert is great for Halloween.

14 Casper
15 It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts movies are always great. They're classics.

16 Hocus Pocus

How Dare Nobody Vote This

17 ParaNorman
18 Trick 'r Treat
19 Gremlins
20 Stephen King's It

Creepiest clown ever! Great job, Stephen King! You're awesome!

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