Top 10 Movies to Watch on the Weekend


The Top Ten

1 The Dark Knight

If you don't watch this movie, you'll regret - zxm

2 The Godfather

It's a great movie but its also a very slow paced movie,so those who can't stand slow paced movies,I recommend them to not watch this movie,because this movie is very long and could bore many audience. - zxm

3 Inception
4 Jurassic Park
5 Fight Club

You have to watch this till the end.the best thing is at the end of the movie - zxm

6 Marvel's The Avengers
7 The Fox and the Hound
8 Shutter Island
9 Transformers

Like this movie of transformers series than any other movies - zxm

10 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The Contenders

11 Toy Story
12 The Lion King
13 The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

Werner Herzog really has a special formula with Nic Cage in a role that requires his brand of overacting. Unsettling strange and funny but overall good. It's a fun watch perfect for the week with a great cast top to bottom. ever Mendes Val Kilmer Xzibit Michael Shannon etc.

14 Jurassic World
15 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never

really? - zxm

16 Charlotte's Web (1973)
17 Bambi
18 Dumbo
19 The Rescuers
20 The Little Mermaid
21 Lady and the Tramp
22 Oliver & Company
23 The Jungle Book
24 101 Dalmatians (1961)
25 Now You See Me
26 Ted
27 Spider-Man
28 Iron Man
29 Shrek
30 The Simpsons Movie
31 Bridesmaids
32 Puss in Boots
33 Madagascar
34 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa
35 Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted
36 Iron Man 3
37 Shrek 2
38 Fat Albert
39 Scooby-Doo: The Movie
40 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
41 The Jungle Book (2016)
42 Shrek: Forever After
43 The Lion King 1 1/2
44 Toy Story 3
45 The Ant Bully
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