Top 10 Movies that Were Only Made for Money

I know we've had many good movies over the years,but sometimes and we all know this..they make these movies to sell toys and games and T-shirts and I could watch a good movie and it sells a few toys..
Now the movies are not all bad..they're good but.. over selling I'll say
so buckle up.. get your popcorn
your voting juice and enjoy the list as I take you on a magical Journey
Through a list
I know that sounded dumb XD

The Top Ten

1 Transformers

As much as I loved Transformers it became waaya too obvious they are doing this to sell toys
I mean,who would want a robot who can turn into a ship or car or fighter jet
But they got bored and started doing bad on the movies
Like the last knight came out
and yes it was the same as the others - Adventurur2

2 Minions

This movie had ZERO plot and ZERO development
I mean this was made to sell minion toys that say "baka" and stuff - Adventurur2

3 The Emoji Movie

An obvious ploy to sell some toys - Adventurur2

4 The Lego Movie

Like many have said, it felt like a long commercial for Legos!
I mean at least give it plot
Like showing star wars and batman and stuff, come on! - Adventurur2

5 Star Wars

It's good but can make some good Moolah - Adventurur2

6 Toy Story

The first unless you count the French one which I think was a short. CGI movie? Yep it was for money.

Since they started selling Buzz and woody in real life - Adventurur2

7 The Little Mermaid
8 Frozen
9 Ice Age
10 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
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