Top 10 Movies that Weren't Nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature

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1 The Lego Movie

If you ask me I think 'The Lego Movie' and 'Big Hero 6' should've had their nominations swapped. 'The Lego Movie' should've been nominated for Best Animated Feature instead and 'Big Hero 6' should've been instead nominated for Best Original Song for Immortals.

It's completely ridiculous that this movie wasn't nominated for the Oscar. It was probably the best animated movie released in all of 2014. - phillysports

It should've been. - PeeledBanana

Should have been though - Martinglez

2 Tangled

I don't understand how this wasn't nominated, either. It's weird how 2010 had only three nominees even though so many great animated films came out that year. - phillysports

3 Arthur Christmas

One of the most underrated animated movies ever. - phillysports

4 Waltz with Bashir
5 The Peanuts Movie
6 Monsters University

I liked this movie - PeeledBanana

7 Megamind

I don't think it would have won, but it along with Tangled should have been nominated. - LarkwingFlight

8 Ponyo
9 The Adventures of Tintin

Love it. We NEED the sequel!

I hate this movie - TwilightKitsune

10 Rise of the Guardians

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? Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
? Your Name

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11 The Powerpuff Girls Movie

Why didn't they nominate this! It must be a shame for the people who worked on it, Especially the voices behind the three main protagonists

This should've won the Best Animated Feature Film award instead of Spirited Away

This should've been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film

12 A Scanner Darkly
13 Finding Dory
14 Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
15 The Simpsons Movie
16 The Lego Batman Movie
17 Disney's a Christmas Carol
18 Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
19 Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F
20 Despicable Me
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