Top 10 Movies that Will Make You Lose Your Faith in Film

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1 The Human Centipede

Were they going for a horror concept? Because this isn't even scary; it's DISGUSTING. - alphadan12

What sick bastard came up with such a vomit inducing idea? - Elric-san

2 Cannibal Holocaust
3 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
4 The Last Airbender

Really? It is bad? Yes. It is so bad that it makes someone lose their faith in film? No. There are far worse films than this, and even in that year there were worse films. It's a bad blockbuster, no worse than the numerous others of its ilk honestly. - Mrveteran

There are actually rumors that the reason why this movie sucks is not because of M. Night Shamalamadingdong, but the producers. They never even bothered to watch the actual show. - Cartoonfan202

5 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie
6 Freddy Got Fingered
7 Foodfight!

The Human Centipade is disturbing but not that bad, this is just... sick

Actually no, I have seen The Human Centipede and I can say it is more sick than this, The Human Centipede is one of those many horror movies (and movies in general) that I got close to vomiting on - jack2244

8 The Room

So ineptly made, acted, written among everything else that it makes you wonder how one can make a film this bad, especially in the 21st century for Christ's sake! - Mrveteran

I actually find this film more funny than bad.

9 Plan 9 From Outer Space
10 Birdemic: Shock and Terror

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11 Norm of the North
12 Dirty Grandpa
13 Cool World
14 A Serbian Film
15 Natural Born Killers

A major studio film that is so lacking in a plot, good dialogue, likable characters, acting, directing and especially morals, makes me lose my faith in film when something this bad is given a wide release by a major studio when there are many young talents struggling to get their foot in the door. At least The Room and Plan 9 aren't cynically bad and contain as much nihilism as this dreck. - Mrveteran

16 Assassin's Creed
17 Garfield: The Movie
18 Home on the Range
19 The Hot Chick
20 Jack and Jill
21 Where the Dead Go to Die
22 Dragonball: Evolution
23 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
24 High School Musical
25 Battlefield Earth
26 Shark Tale
27 Movie 43
28 That's My Boy
29 Pixels
30 Alvin and the Chipmunks
31 Cars 2
32 Mars Needs Moms
33 Fred: The Movie
34 The Fox and the Hound 2
35 Hannah Montana: The Movie
36 The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence
37 The Human Centipede III: The Final Sequence
38 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale
39 Baby Geniuses
40 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2
41 The Emoji Movie
42 The Avengers (1998)
43 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice
44 Suicide Squad
45 The Smurfs
46 Fantastic Four (2015)

Should be waaay higher - Hater

47 Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties
48 Fred 2: Night of the Living Fred
49 Fred 3: Camp Fred
50 Paddington
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