Top Ten Movies that Will Not Stand the Test of Time


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21 Fantastic Four

I loved fantastic 4 so much. I watched the movies with Chris Evans and Johnny and loved them then watched the one with Miles Teller and I'm not sure anymore. If you haven't watched the latest remake of Fantastic 4? , Then save yourself and your opinion of these marvel heroes and DON'T WATCH IT!

This Movie already died out, so let's forget about it - VideoGamefan5

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22 The Emoji Movie

This Movie Is Already Dead And It Hasn't Even Come Out Yet! - VideoGamefan5

It tries too hard to be hip and cool - Cartoonfan202

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23 Fifty Shades of Grey

Sadly, It Probably Will, Because of the fact it just got a sequel recently, and it's getting Another ONE? , In 2018, - VideoGamefan5

24 Sausage Party
25 Sing
26 Rings (2017)
27 Warcraft
28 Foodfight!
29 The Lion King
30 Iron Man 3
31 Jurassic World
32 Spider
33 The Mummy Returns
34 Avengers Age of Ultron
35 Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

This movie sucks and has put a terrible taste in recent memory. Switch Rogue One with this overrated trash.

Haha, here it is VGF5. The trolls have attacked. - DCfnaf

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