Best Movies with a Cat Protagonist

The Top Ten

1 Homeward Bound
2 Oliver & Company
3 Cats Don't Dance

This movie needs more attention. - EvanTheNerd

4 Shrek 2

But Shrek isn’t a cat… - Misfire

Sorry. I always thought "protagonist" means that the character is the leading role or somethin'. - Misfire

SoMeBoDy OnCe ToLd Me ThAt ThE cHeEsE iS gOnNa KiLl Me I aIn'T tHe ThInNeSt MaN iN tHe GrOvEE

5 That Darn Cat!
6 Garfield: The Movie
7 The Aristocats

Great movie! - jazzbea

yay - 23windomt

8 The Rabbi's Cat
9 Kedi

I love cats so much I cannot even say it in words. Kedi was just so heartwarming and compelling and deserves to be number 1

10 Rock-A-doodle

The Contenders

11 Puss in Boots
12 Stuart Little

Stuart is a mouse. - Misfire

13 Keanu
14 Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
15 Fritz the Cat
16 A Street Cat Named Bob

Based on a true story of a homeless man named James Bowen who chances upon a ginger cat who draws crowds of people and Bowen's fortunes change for the better.

17 Cat's Eye
18 The Cat from Outer Space
19 Garfield Gets Real
20 The Uncanny
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