Top 10 Movies With the Most Depressing Endings


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1 The Mist

Just a few moments...

It was indeed horrifying in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Horrifying in my opinion!

He should've waited... - Ananya

2 The Wrestler

Randy comes to the full realisation that the only place he truly belongs is in Ring, when he's Randy "The Ram" Robinson the fans love him when he goes back to just being Randy nobody cares about him, after his attempt at repairing the fragile relationship with his daughter fail and his stripper friend blows him off he decides to go through the Match knowing there's a chance he could die following an emotional message to the fans at the match's end Randy goes to the top of the turnbuckle with tears in his eyes flys off turnbuckle with his flying headbutt and dies. - egnomac

3 A.I. Artificial Intelligence
4 Stand By Me

I still love this movie. - Rocko

At the end after Gordy says that Chris died after being stabbed for trying to break up an argument and how he misses him he writes down how he never had any more friends like the ones he had when he was 12. - egnomac

5 The Outsiders

I cried my heart out at the end

6 The Dark Knight
7 Saw III

All Jeff had to do to walk away with his wife was to forgive Jigsaw for putting him through all this mess instead he does the stupid thing and kills jigsaw, jigsaw dies then the device around his goes off killing her the door behind closes and making matters worst jigsaw also has his daughter locked away, now both his son and wife are dead and his only daughtet is held captive elsewhere and he can't even save her. - egnomac

This ending was just... Wow! - MontyPython

8 The Elephant Man
9 Spider-Man
10 Boyz n' The Hood

That ending text saying Doughboy was killed 2 weeks after Ricky just hits you where it hurts

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11 The Green Mile

John Coffey scene :"(

Following John Coffeys execution Paul spends the rest of his life with the regret of letting John die. - egnomac

12 The Road
13 Forrest Gump
14 Seven
15 Of Mice and Men

I've only read the book, but yes. The depiction of Carlsson and how he's never had anyone he can call a friend, and how he finishes the (already depressing) ending with the one truly sad quote:
"What's eating them two? "
He's never had anyone he can call friends, family, and he doesn't bat an eyelid about anything that just happened.
It's really upsetting when you think about it. - Rocko

The fact that Lennie dies for something that wasn't his fault is really depressing, but the last shot of George and lennie walking into the distance in slo mo is just too much. - adfairhurst

16 Apocalypse Now
17 Furious 7
18 Requiem for a Dream

This needs to be way higher

Still a good movie though


19 Buried
20 No Country for Old Men
21 Gone Girl
22 The Departed
23 Mystic River
24 Bridge to Terabithia
25 X-Men: The Last Stand
26 American History X
27 The Fault In Our Stars

This one is so baad

28 Pay It Forward
29 Easy Rider
30 The Notebook
31 Ghost
32 Ladder 49
33 Straight Outta Compton
34 Selena
35 Saving Private Ryan
36 The Passion of the Christ
37 Schindler's List
38 The Color Purple
39 Jack Frost (1998)
40 Black Swan
41 Backdraft
42 United 93
43 Sicario
44 La Bamba
45 The Crucible
46 The Great Gatsby
47 Brokeback Mountain
48 30 Days of Night
49 Logan
50 127 Hours
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