Movies With the Greatest Cameos


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1 The Incredible Hulk

Tony Stark is forming a team. - Hernandez1614

2 Zombieland

Bill Murray: The Not Dead Zombie - Hernandez1614

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3 Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise is Les Grossman. It took me nearly half of the film to realize it's Tom Cruise. - Hernandez1614

4 Austin Powers in Goldmember
5 X-Men: First Class

That is an absolutely amazing cameo and exactly like a cameo should be: funny and brief. The fact that the movie is a sequel and you know how they go about "recruiting" him later only makes his rejection of them that much better!

Magneto and Professor X enter a pub and attempt to recruit Wolverine. To which he responds "Go F Yourselves". - Hernandez1614

6 Pulp Fiction

Christopher Walken and the watch monologue. - Hernandez1614

7 The Hangover

Mike Tyson wants his tiger back. - Hernandez1614

8 DodgeBall: A True Underdog Story

It's so random. Chuck Norris. A judge? - Hernandez1614

9 21 Jump Street

The original 21 Jump Street helps the new 21 Jump Street. - Hernandez1614

10 Wreck-It Ralph

Cameos coming from several well known classic video game characters such as Bowser, Pacman, and Zangief. - Uzay

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11 Django Unchained

Franco Nero (the original django) make a cameo in this movie, Quentin Tarantino too but not so memorable than Nero's character

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1. The Incredible Hulk
2. Zombieland
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