Top Ten Movies With Wasted Potential

These are the movies that could have been good if they were done better then this

The Top Ten

1 Dangerously Close (1986)

If it had a better director and a better script

2 The Last Airbender
3 The Purge

Makes me angry thinking about what could've been

4 Hancock
5 The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
6 Sucker Punch
7 Jumper (2008)
8 Alien vs. Predator
9 Jurassic Park: The Lost World

After an amazing first film I was pumped to see this, an it was a GIGANTIC dissapointment

This could've been a really great follow up to the first movie, bu instead we got this crappy sequel

10 Transcendence

The Contenders

11 Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
12 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Since the first movie got very mixed reactions this could have been the movie that those people with mixed thoughts could agree on this one being good, but nope, instead we got probably the biggest middle finger from marvel ever, thank god they're a really awesome studio now

13 The Avengers (1998)
14 G.I. Joe: Retaliation

This could've been a redeming movie afte the godawful rise of cobra movie, but instead we got yet another cliche overblown action flick

15 Death Proof
16 After Earth
17 Superman Returns

After the horrendous Superman 4 This could've been the been the movie that revived the superman franchise, but instead it was the final nail in the coffin that destroyed the superman movies, and for quite a while, we didn't get another superman movie for 8 years, luckily we got Man of Steel, which was awesome, so maybe we'll get a good franchise out of that

18 The Monuments Men
19 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
20 Transformers
21 Daredevil

It's especially disapointing because it looks like Marvel isn't gonna make another daredevil movie ever again, which is a shame because after this atrocity he desperately needs a second chance

22 Suicide Squad
23 Krampus
24 Racing Stripes

This could've been a really great and touching movie, but it was ruined by having the animals talk, cause according to movie executives, any kids movie with animals has to have them talk, it still had dramatic moments throughout but each one had to be ruined by one of the animals butting into it and making a joke or doing something stupid. What a waste

25 Jupiter Ascending

I was excited to see it before it came out, and I'm not proud to admit that. I don't know anymore what I saw in it. The effects were good, no doubt, but the plot was a joke. - PositronWildhawk

Throughout the entire movie I was like "what the hell am I watching? "

26 Vertigo

The part you're there for, the part everyone talks about, is gone in two minutes. The film is a colossal time waster. - PositronWildhawk

27 Ultraviolet
28 RoboCop 2
29 Waterworld
30 Cowboys & Aliens
31 Gamer
32 The Golden Compass
33 Pearl Harbor
34 The Emoji Movie

It had SOME potential.

35 Tomorrowland
36 Scream 3
37 What to Expect When You're Expecting
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1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
2. Death Proof
3. Transformers
1. The Last Airbender
2. The Purge
3. Hancock


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