Movies With the Worst Cameos


The Top Ten

1 The Three Stooges

The Jersey Shore makes it on the big screen. Unfortunately, its terrible and too long. - Hernandez1614

Seriously, the Jersey Shore, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? - AlfredFJones

2 Gremlins 2: The New Batch

Hulk Hogan gets angry at Gremlins in a movie theater. "GREMSTERS! "... That alone makes this cameo suck. - Hernandez1614

3 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of the Ooze

Vanilla Ice + Ninja Turtles = Fail - Hernandez1614

4 Inglourious Basterds

Mike Myers! In a Tarantino Film! What!?! - Hernandez1614

5 Signs

M. Night Shyamalan's acting skills are horrible. - Hernandez1614

6 Scary Movie 3

Simon Cowell judges a rap battle. - Hernandez1614

7 The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Hi! I'm David Hasselhoff. Hurray! - Hernandez1614

8 The Village

M. Night Shymalan makes a pointless cameo. - Hernandez1614

9 Twilight

Author of the Twilight Saga, Stephenie Meyer makes a lingering cameo as a cashier. - Hernandez1614

10 Scary Movie 5

How did I forget to add this?!?!? Thanks for adding it - Hernandez1614

You think Scary Movie 3 is worst? Well think again, we got crackhead Lindsay Lohan made her appearance and it's bogus.

Scary Movie 5 should've been higher than Scary Movie 3, why because we got a drug addict that was arrested many times, steal things and make stupid interviews of herself. It sucks having her in this movie.

The Contenders

11 Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Charlie Sheen's cameo fails. He looks almost as old as Michael Douglas. - Hernandez1614

12 Saving Silverman

I guess Neil Diamond just needed to make some money.

Not really a cameo role. The film is about three guys who are a cover group of Neil Diamond songs. When one of them leaves the group for manipulative hot girl Amanda Peet ( who hates their Neil Diamond obsessions ), the two other guys decides to take him back as their friend ( especcialy when Amanda Peet has burned his Neil Diamond record collection into an open fire ). My point, Neil Diamond is so important trough all the movie that the real Neil Diamond showing up in the movie makes sense after all.

13 Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

I can't watch this movie without thinking of that grotesque band, Cannibal Corpse.

14 Far Far Away Idol
15 Little Nicky

Quentin Tarantino and Ozzy Osbourne. Enough said...

16 Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
17 Bio-Dome

Why Tenacious D...

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