Star Wars Rant

MegaSoulhero You know, everyday I wonder to myself why I’m still part of the Star Wars fandom. I still love the franchise. Original Trilogy is great, prequel trilogy is trash, and the Disney movies have been pretty enjoyable. Except for Solo. However, there is a MAJOR problem I have with the franchise. And that is the fans.

Star Wars has the absolute most ridiculous fanbase for anything ever! They just seem to not accept anything that LucasFilm gives them and try to make a big deal about everything! People complained that the Force Awakens was too similar to A New Hope. They wanted something new. Something they haven’t seen before. So you’d think that they would like the Last Jedi because it actually took risks, right? Wrong. Apparently, a lot of people didn’t want new things put in a Star Wars film! The movie introduced new force powers and changed Luke’s personality. Now people think they ruined Luke. Even though it’s been years since Return of the Jedi. People go through changes! Not everyone’s personality stays the same! However, the most unforgivable thing that happened very recently was people’s actions toward Kelly Marie Tran! She’s the Asian actress who played Rose Tico. Regardless of what you may think of the character, Kelly is just an actress! Also, she is a person with feelings! Despite that, people kept on sending messages to her and commenting on her posts telling her how much of a terrible person she is! As a result, she decided to leave social media! People need to learn to separate the actor/actress from the character! Even if you don’t like her as an actress, that doesn’t give you the right to send her death threats or something! For example, I don’t like Emma Watson, but I have never straight up told her to die! I don’t go to her social media and harass her! That’s just not cool!

Also, I’ve been seeing people who hate the Last Jedi actually saying that people shouldn’t be attacking Kelly. Unfortunately, they ruin this by saying that we should be blaming Rian Johnson instead! How is that any better? Yes, he created the character, but he’s just as much of a person we and Kelly are! When the Last Jedi came out, Rian actually received a ton of hate messages and people were telling him to die! In fact, people still harass him for making the movie! Even when he was trying to defend Kelly on Twitter! These so-called Star Wars “fans” are only thinking about themselves. It’s almost as if they think Star Wars is the most important thing in life! Which is objectively not true! By the way, one more thing I should bring up. Kathleen Kennedy! As I’m typing this, it’s her birthday. Star Wars posted about it and the comments are horrible! People are saying how much they don’t care about her birthday, that her present should be getting fired, and that she’s an evil person just because she “ruined” Star Wars! Which she didn’t. Nostalgia is causing the fans to ruin Star Wars for themselves. Not only does Kennedy deserve the amount of hate she gets, but she has also produced other great and well-known films. E.T., Jurassic Park, Lincoln, Back to the Future, and Tintin. Unfortunately, people hate the new Star Wars movies so much that they feel the need to hate the filmmakers as people.

Star Wars fans are the absolute worst! It’s a shame that they caused Kelly Marie Tran to leave social media. She’s such a nice person. She even cried at the premiere of the Last Jedi. She doesn’t deserve the amount of harassment she got. At this point, most of the fans have become straight up bullies. So despicable.


I completely agree. While I do love Star Wars the Fanbase is awful and will find a way to complain about anything. The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi are decent movies that don’t deserve as much hate. For them to take their hate out on the actors/actresses and people behind the scenes by sending death threats to them is absolutely ridiculous. - Randomator

U right
What if empire came out this year?
It would be hated - iliekpiez

Luke was amazing in the Last Jedi - iliekpiez

I remember when the Star Wars fandom was one of the few fandoms that wasn't terrible. But it was bound to happen. - 445956

I want people to be ashamed of themselves and what they have said
I want them to realize what they did.
And when they like Legacy
They can realise
New can equal=better
e.g. Mad Max Fury Road - iliekpiez

This is like a problem with every major fanbase. they don't know that whenever something changes because of a director's idea it is not their call 2 screw over people's lives. - Nonpointed

Their pretentiousness and lack of self-awareness really makes me hate them. - DCfnaf

MCU is worse - B1ueNew