Top Ten Movies That Would Be Rated PG-13 Today

This includes a list of movies, mostly from 10+ years ago.

The Top Ten

1 Beetlejuice (PG) (1988)

F bomb, strip club, sexual innuendo

2 Jaws (PG) (1975)
3 The Parent Trap (PG) (1998)

Parent Trap would be at least a "HARD PG-13" today. - BeetlejuiceMan

Sexual innuendo, dialogue; frequent use of God's name in vain (10-15 times), implied f-bomb joke

4 South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut (R) (1999)

Language, violence, and sex only contained for comedic purposes

This movie has WAY too much R-rated content (comedic or not) for it to warrant a PG-13.

5 Stephen King's It (PG) (1990)

Actually it wasn't given a rating, but the comedic violence and avoidance of the f-bombs would have not made this quite PG-13 in the '90s.

6 The King's Speech (R) (2010)

Language towards the speech therapist

7 Bedtime Stories (PG) (2008)

Moderate sexual innuendo and use of guns

8 The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (PG) (2004)

This movie is kid friendly.

Not really PG-13 content, PG is just right. - nelsonerica

9 Showgirls (NC-17) (1995)

Split beaver will get you an NC-17 every time, and this movie had quite a bit of it.

I just don't feel like it's an NC-17 movie. I've seen it at home on Showtime when I was 8-9.

10 Little Monsters (PG) (1989)

The Contenders

11 Tommy (PG) (1975)
12 Back to the Future (PG) (1985)
13 Psycho (R) (1960)

Back when this was released in 1960, the MPAA wasn’t established yet. Around the early 80s (before PG-13 came into existence), Psycho was given an R rating. This NEEDS to be changed. The horror in this movie relies on suspense and psychological horror instead of something like intense blood and gore. This movie doesn’t even have any bad language or anything sexually explicit. This needs to be changed to PG-13.

14 Logan (R) (2017)
15 Show Dogs (PG) (2018)
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1. Beetlejuice (PG) (1988)
2. Jaws (PG) (1975)
3. The Parent Trap (PG) (1998)
1. Jaws (PG) (1975)
2. The Parent Trap (PG) (1998)
3. Beetlejuice (PG) (1988)
1. Beetlejuice (PG) (1988)
2. The Parent Trap (PG) (1998)
3. Jaws (PG) (1975)


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