Movies You Should Never Take Your Kids to Watch


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21 The Garbage Pail Kids Movie

That can traumatized the kids

It's pretty dumb

22 The Hangover Part II
23 Seven

Not for kids because there's that one scene where they find a decapitated head in the box.

24 Dead Alive

Yeah, the cover looks disturbing, though.

25 Goodfellas
26 The Hangover
27 Alvin & The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
28 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Overuse of drugs and scary hallucinations will disturb kids.

29 Pulp Fiction

Strong violence, strong nudity and sexual content, strong foul language, and strong drug use. And it goes on for nearly 170 minutes.

No kid wants to watch Mace Windu cuss up a storm.

30 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked

I know that but I have nothing against you hip hop fans at all. It's all of these horrible, horrible rappers I hear today that talk about so much money, women, Jewelry, partying, and drugs that it makes me lose all credibility in rap. It's literally impossible to find a rap song that doesn't have anything raunchy in it. That's what I meant about not having your kids listen to that cover because who knows? They might be listening to lil Wayne or nicki minaj right now, and those artists don't even make kids music. They're one of those Rappers who are killing the genre. Music just has to get better. It just has to.

Hey now, I honestly thought that cover was great. It talked about how it didn't matter if you were a rock fan or a rap fan. What mattered is if you were having a great time.

If your kids a Led Zeppelin fan, don't show them this movie because they've ruined a perfectly good led zeppelin song by adding a rap beat to it (and don't worry it wasn't stairway to heaven, it was rock n roll).

And how do you know?

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31 The Devil's Rejects
32 Lesbian Vampire Killers
33 Freddy Got Fingered
34 The Wolf of Wall Street
35 Bruno
36 Shoot 'Em Up
37 Freddy vs Jason
38 Eight Crazy Nights
39 Knocked Up
40 Saving Private Ryan

Don't have kids but what's the problem with this movie? - zxm

It's fantastic! But not a movie that is okay for kids!

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