Movies You Should Never Take Your Kids to Watch


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61 Silent Hill
62 Zootopia V 1 Comment
63 Stephen King's It

Thi movie didn’t even scare my 9 year old brother, take IT of the list!

64 Porky's
65 Kick-Ass

Even that one scene where Hit Girl is killing all of the bad guys while The Banana Splits show theme is playing in the background. if your kid loves the banana splits, then I don't think he'd be comfortable hearing the theme song in a grisly action sequence.

Lots and lots of graphic violence is too scary for kids. And would you even expect this to be a kids movie when it's called kick-ass?

If you aren't looking closely, you might accidentally think this is a movie for kids, but its not at all.
It is very funny though.

66 Africa Addio
67 Cannibal (2006)

The name is pretty self-explanatory. - RockFashionista

68 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

Do you really want to show your kids a movie that has one scene where children are forced to eat feces and drink urine for dinner?

I will just laugh at the horrible attempt at humor. And, yes, I am a kid. - PizzaGuy

69 Strange Circus
70 The Human Centipede II, Full Sequence

The first one is sick enough! Now there's a sequel? What the hell?!

71 Martyrs
72 I Spit on Your Grave
73 The Evil Dead

Your kid would probably wet their pants if they saw it. There's a lot of blood and the dead possessing the living is quite disturbing.

74 The Last House On the Left (1972)

I saw this movie since I was 5. My parents took me to the drive in.

75 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
76 Psycho

This movie isn't that much of scary. In fact some scenes and facial expressions seemed like funny. - zxm

77 Taxi Driver
78 Halloween
79 The Thing V 1 Comment
80 Jason Goes to Hell
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