Movies You Wouldn't Want to Live In


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1 127 Hours

You'd be fine as long as you didn't have the main role. - PositronWildhawk

Only he had the courage to survive through that..
People, Please watch this movie if you haven't. - Ananya

2 The Hunger Games

I don't want to be forced to fight to the death.
I'm such a chicken. I'm actually scared of butterflies in real life, no jokes. - Lunala

3 The Green Mile

Weep enough to see this movie, in real life I would come out tears up the egg

4 The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1
5 The Shining
6 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
7 Pulp Fiction
8 The Godfather

Am I the only one who would? - jack2244

9 The Purge V 1 Comment
10 I Am Legend

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? Batman & Robin

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11 The Exorcist

It feels like I'm the only one who would want to... - MontyPython

12 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
13 Saving Private Ryan

I wanted to go to the army but seeing this movie I not feel like going now

14 Fight Club
15 Gremlins
16 Small Soldiers
17 The Ring

No one would want to...Actually. But if it's Scary Movie 3 ( It's parody) - Then some people might consider... - Ananya

18 A Clockwork Orange

Unless your simply just the police, lol. Jk, you wouldn't want to live in this at all. - jack2244

19 Training Day
20 Godzilla
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1. I Am Legend
2. The Purge
3. The Hunger Games
1. The Hunger Games
2. 127 Hours
3. The Green Mile
1. 127 Hours
2. Pulp Fiction
3. The Godfather



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