Top 10 Movies that You'd Regret Showing Children

This is a list of those movies that if your kids want to see them, just say "no". This list isn't meant to say these movies are necessarily bad, it's meant to say that parents would be careless to show to children. They can be good or bad movies, but they are just movies that parents shouldn't show to their kids on any circumstances, whether it be to sexual content, violent or gory content, high levels of profanity or drugs, these movies aren't kid friendly

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21 Gangs of New York
22 Schindler's List
23 Saving Private Ryan

Amazing movie, but don't show it to kids!

24 The Shawshank Redemption

This was good though... - AlphaQ

25 Hacksaw Ridge
26 Sausage Party

Good film but was a bit ruined by the food porn and gruesomeness. - AlphaQ

A local family arcade even put Sausage Party plushies in the claw machines. Lucky that those things are rigged, otherwise it could have got REALLY awkward... - Entranced98

27 Meet the Feebles
28 A Serbian Film
29 Spawn
30 Bridesmaids
31 The Hangover

This is the best film ever but I'll recommend it only if you're over 13 years old. - AlphaQ

32 Seven
33 Rough Night
34 Deadpool

Awesome film. I'd recommend 12 or over for this. - AlphaQ

35 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
36 The Passion of the Christ
37 Alien

This film is a masterpiece but sometimes it can get pretty brutal for kids. I say 15+ - AlphaQ

Dad - BeatlesFan1964

38 Aliens

Dad - BeatlesFan1964

39 Braveheart
40 Cannibal Holocaust

I've only watched 30 minutes of it and I gave up after that disgusting part. DO NOT WATCH THIS. This is brutal porn that needs to stay away from kids eyes, as far as possible. - AlphaQ

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