Top 10 Movies that You'd Regret Showing Children

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21 Gangs of New York
22 Schindler's List
23 Saving Private Ryan

Amazing movie, but don't show it to kids!

24 The Shawshank Redemption

This was good though... - AlphaQ

25 Hacksaw Ridge
26 Sausage Party

Good film but was a bit ruined by the food porn and gruesomeness. - AlphaQ

A local family arcade even put Sausage Party plushies in the claw machines. Lucky that those things are rigged, otherwise it could have got REALLY awkward... - Entranced98

27 Meet the Feebles
28 A Serbian Film
29 Spawn
30 Bridesmaids
31 The Hangover

This is the best film ever but I'll recommend it only if you're over 13 years old. - AlphaQ

32 Seven
33 Rough Night
34 Deadpool

Awesome film. I'd recommend 12 or over for this. - AlphaQ

35 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
36 The Passion of the Christ
37 Alien

This film is a masterpiece but sometimes it can get pretty brutal for kids. I say 15+ - AlphaQ

Dad - BeatlesFan1964

38 Aliens

Dad - BeatlesFan1964

39 Braveheart
40 Cannibal Holocaust

I've only watched 30 minutes of it and I gave up after that disgusting part. DO NOT WATCH THIS. This is brutal porn that needs to stay away from kids eyes, as far as possible. - AlphaQ

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