Most Anticipated Upcoming Movies of 2020 and After

Since nobody is making a list of awesome movies that are coming out during 2020 or after, I decided to make a list for it. These are the movies I know that would be awesome that are coming out in 2020 and after.
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1 Godzilla vs. Kong

As a huge fan, I will see a big crossover battle, featuring my favorite iconic character (Godzilla) taking on a giant gorilla (Kong) in a big battle. Maybe they'll team up, and another Villainous Monster "DESTOROYAH" will make his debut to the US Cinemas for the first time!

2 Night on Bald Mountain

I know Disney is adapting a segment featuring my all time favorite Villain in the Disney Franchise, Chernabog. I believe that he deserves to be in it. So please god! Bring the greatest Villain to the big screen.

3 Sonic the Hedgehog
4 Mothra

I believe that there will be a solo Mothra film after Godzilla vs. Kong.

5 Indiana Jones 5

Let's just hope this would be so much better than the last one. I mean, I didn't hate it, and I didn't dislike it either, but to me the movie isn't that good and it didn't really feel like an Indiana Jones movie. The whole alien and the extraterrestrial thing seems out of place.

6 Godzilla 3

A solo film after Godzilla vs. Kong. There is a lot of potential for this movie to happen. I'm sure it's gonna be Mechagodzilla as the main villain. And maybe they can put Anguirus and Gigan.

7 Venom 2
8 Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3

I'm excited for this. I didn't enjoy the second one as much as the first one, so I'm hoping this one isn't a landslide

I'm so glad James Gunn's back as the director!

9 Solo Black Widow Film

Can't wait for this one! She's so cool and her past is so dark and mysterious. Plus we'll get more Russia/assassin/Red Room/Winter Soldier lore, which is one of the best and most intriguing storylines in Marvel.

I've been waiting for this to happen. If I'm going to be honest, and although I don't hate it, Captain Marvel shouldn't have been first before the Black Widow film.

10 Kenobi: A Star Wars Story

Is this really happening? I thought it was just rumoured. I'm excited for it though.

The Contenders
11 Flashpoint

Is this based on Flash Thompson's book?

12 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
13 Solo Cyborg Film
14 The Conjuring 3

I like The Conjuring films, but I'm not really excited for this one. Why? Because it's being directed by the same guy who directed The Curse of La Llarona.

15 Upcoming Spider-Verse Sequels/Spinoffs
16 South Park Movie 2

A second South Park movie? Yes!

17 Untitled Mario Movie

Watching this on opening weekend hopefully when I graduate from school and finish school permanently.

It's called Super Mario Bros: The Movie, but it comes out in 2022...

Definitely going on opening night.

18 Avatar 2
19 Trolls World Tour
20 Spider-Man Homecoming 3
21 Jumanji 4
22 Dune
23 Sherlock Holmes 3
24 Bill & Ted Face the Music
25 The House with a Clock in Its Walls 2
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