Top 10 Disney Movies with Good Animation Design but a Boring Storyline

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1 Home on the Range
2 Chicken Little

Good? GOOD? Yeah, it was cool to see CGI at work outside of Pixar and the crappy Mickey Mouse Christmas movie for Disney, but... the animation has far from aged well, it looks really bulky.

It wasn't the best start for Disney's 3D animation but it's not really that badly animated either though I will say this is one of the weakest films Disney has ever released. One little slip is a good song that's the best thing I can say about it though

Are you sure, The animation looks weird, Not in a good way.

3 Saludos Amigos
4 The Black Cauldron
5 Melody Time
6 Make Mine Music
7 The Three Caballeros
8 Fun and Fancy Free
9 Ralph Breaks the Internet

The animation is just like the first movie but the storyline if you can call it that is a boring mess.

This movie sucks. Nothing else to say.

10 Bambi

The animation is good but there really isn't much in terms of storyline.

The Contenders
11 Pocahontas
12 Atlantis: The Lost Empire
13 Lightyear
14 Toy Story 4
15 Dinosaur

Does anyone really remember this movie? Heck, Europe remembers THE WILD more than this.

16 Treasure Planet
17 Winnie the Pooh

The animation looks amazing but as for storyline it really doesn't much going for it,

18 Encanto
19 Planes: Fire & Rescue
20 Zootopia
21 Alice in Wonderland
22 Mulan II
23 Hercules (1997)
24 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
25 Cars 2
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