Top 10 Hood Films

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1 Boyz 'N the Hood

I love this movie not just because of the actors but because it gives a strong meaning of whats going on in the hood. and to me the part that made me cry was at the end when Doughboy was murdered.

Ice Cube gives an amazing performance like never before! This movie is not only praised because Ice Cube is in it! The movie has a certain spark to it!

Definitely a outstanding one hit film for his time. Never expected to watch this, and either the actings!

Best ice cube movie, and better than Friday oh sorry but I considered Friday a bad movie...

2 Menace II Society

A chilling and disturbing nature really shows you how life is like in modern day LA for some kids. When I saw the opening scene and saw Larenz Tate, I thought he was some Good Burger rip off, but when he shot that Grocery clerk I thought he was an amazing performer

The greatest on sight into the Ghetto of Watts L.A. It has amazing performances from Tyrin Turner and Larenz Tate who are two very underrated actors and maintain their realism in this stunning legendary master piece!

This movie is totally disturbing and is not for the faint heart. The legendary status this movie retains is thanks to the amazing Hugh Brothers!

This is a powerful, convincing, and terrifying look at teenage crime in contemporary Watts.

3 Straight Outta Compton
4 Juice

It is really really a great movie. And great work by Tupac.

5 Friday
6 The Outsiders
7 8 Mile

Eminem stars as the main character and gives amazing performance as B. Rabbit. Sick movie.

8 Blood In, Blood Out

It did for Mexicans what The Godfather done for Italians world wide! This is a great on site on Chicano life and about 3 relatives, bound by honor!

Great movie for any gangsta fan and it has an intriguing story line which everyone will love!

This movie is also known as Bound by Honor... No matter what its called, it's a great movie!

9 Fresh
10 Training Day

Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawk put on amazing performances. Easily would've won Ethan Hawk an Oscar. The film is a great on site on gang related crime in California!

10/10 Perfect film without any boring moment.

King Kong ain't got stuff on me!

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11 New Jack City

New Jack City isn't a hood film, I think is Scarface Blaxploitation, and I go to admidt New Jack City is a good classic and never gets boring, so this film deserves to be higher in this top 10 List

12 Paid In Full
13 Belly
14 Set It Off
15 City of God

Classic Brazilian movie. Shows life in poverty in the slums of Brazil.

Normally a excellent film like this would be the number. one spot, right?

16 Gang Related
17 Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
18 Kidulthood
19 Fruitvale Station
20 Coach Carter
21 American Gangster
22 Hustle & Flow
23 Friday After Next
24 Baby Boy
25 Do the Right Thing

One of the best Hood films.

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