Top Ten Best Motivational Scenes In Movies

There are motivational, feel good movies, and then there are movies that have amazing moments that get you going. These aren't necessarily happy movies that renew your faith in life, but, rather, the single scenes in a movie that made you want to change your life for the better.

Specific dialogues, monologues, montages, or scenes can make or break a movie and set the tone as a whole. Add your favorite motivational scenes from a movie from any time period and go watch clips of the rest on the list.
The Top Ten
1 Rocky's monologue to his son - Rocky Balboa

He told his son not to care about what people said but what you believe.

2 Tyler Durden's intro to the club - Fight Club
3 Luke and Dragline's fight - Cool Hand Luke

After Luke refuses to submit to Dragline's "authority" in the chain gang, he is challenged to a fight. Dragline, far the larger and stronger man, repeatedly knocks Luke down. After growing tired of knocking him down, Dragline says, "Stay down. You're beat." Luke replies, "You're gonna have to kill me..."

4 Rocky's monologue to the boxing commission - Rocky Balboa
5 Tony D'Amato's locker room speech - Any Given Sunday
6 Rudy and Fortune's dialogue - Rudy

Rudy, tired of not being able to play in a game, decides to quit the team. Fortune, the groundskeeper and Rudy's employer, relates his own story.

7 Final fight between brothers - Warrior

The two main stars, after competing in an MMA tournament, end up fighting each other for the final. It's anybody's guess who will win, but they both have something to fight for, and you don't really care who gets the title. You root for the fight, not the fighters.

8 The last fight - Snatch

Mickey is confronted with a hard decision regarding his future and loved ones. A tough fight ensues in the ring, and Mickey has a decision to make...

9 The reckoning at the lake between Will and Sean - Good Will Hunting
10 The Lion speech - Pool Hall Junkies
The Contenders
11 Bluto's "When the going gets tough" speech - Animal House
12 Last rap battle - 8 Mile

Man, it's the most motivational film ever... it's a masterpiece. Eminem was epic.

13 William Wallace's "Freedom" speech - Braveheart
14 Goonies never say die - Goonies
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