Best Superhero Movies of the 21st Century

This is my list for the best superhero movies from 2000 to present.
The Top Ten
1 The Dark Knight

This movie tops our list for it's fantastic acting and storytelling. Christopher Nolan's top notch directing and storytelling is always complex and beautiful. Christian Bale and Heath Ledgers performances were one of the most perfessional, emotional, and visual you can barely get in a regular drama movie. This movie is oscar winner and winner of many other awards. This is not only one of the sequels to date but, it's one of the best movie period.

This is my favourite film ever. I used to bore watching it. What the hell was wrong with me. I loved the batman 1989, batman returns, batman begins and this one. The rest are sugar honey ice tea

The best superhero movie

2 The Avengers

Number 2 is this mega box office hit that nearly gave DC Comics a heart attack. It's not only a great story, it's also a action pact movie that will make shriek for more. It took years for this long awaited movie to come out. There was a lot of huge expectations for this movie that achieved every single one and then some. And who could forget the fight against Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America? NO ONE!

3 Guardians of the Galaxy
4 The Dark Knight Rises

This movie turned Gotham into a hell hole. It also had great new acting from Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon Lovett, and Tom Hardy. It also turned Bane into this bad ass character that everyone one loved and hate. This movie turned out to be a perfect ending to a great series!

Best movie ever

5 Captain America: Civil War
6 Spider-Man 2

This movie somehow out shinned it's first monumental movie. It made DocOc into one of the coolest super villains. It also made Kristen Dunst somewhat desirable. This movie also make you realise James Franco takent. This made you wish you were on that train during the huge fight between Spidey and DocOc.

7 Iron Man

This movie quickly became America's new favorite superhero. With actors spanding from Robert Downey Jr. To Gwyneth Peltrow. Not only did it turn the comics to life but, it brought a understated superhero to life. This movie not only makes you want to vomit due to it's awesomeness, it makes you guys want his suit!

8 Batman Begins
9 Deadpool

Deadpool is the best. Watch the movie and you will know why.

Definitely one of the funniest superhero movies!

10 Avengers: Age of Ultron
The Contenders
11 Spider-Man

This movie started America's obsession with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. They put Toby Maguire on the map but put the Green Gotham as one of the best Halloween costumes. It also made one of the best statements in history " With great power comes great responsibility. " This movie had a lot a heart and also was a better tour of New York then the actual busses.

12 Man of Steel
13 The Incredibles
14 Big Hero 6
15 X-men: First Class

A First Class reboot in every sense of the word.

16 Iron Man 3
17 X2: X-Men United
18 The Amazing Spider-Man
19 The Incredible Hulk
20 Ant-Man

For butt stuff

21 Kick-Ass

This hilarious movie turned Nicholas Cage into a kick ass dad. It also made you start your obsession with Chloe Grace Moretz. It was not only funny and witty it was smart at the same time stupid. It made you want to go out and hurt yourself more then the jack ass movie.

22 Logan
23 Thor: The Dark World
24 Spider-Man: Homecoming
25 Thor

This movie made Thor seem cooler then everybody ever thought he would be. Following Marvels funny witty reputation, it turned this god into a guy chasing after Natalie Portman on earth. This movie also made Hemsworth into a household name. Thanks to this movie it showed people that the avenger's were coming closer.

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