Top Ten Best Mr. Satan (Hercule) Quotes from Dragon Ball Z

The Top Ten

Ooh yeah. Hercule. Mister Satan. Who cares what they call me. I'm huge.
Jaguar has warriors!? Just promise me that none of them have gold spiky hair, I'm allergic to a certain hair care product.
Tip one. For a successful image, look good with the kids. Yeah!!!!
I'd like to give Cell my condolences. It's too bad my unworthy opponent didn't know that I existed before he started this tournament of his...I'll give him one last chance to back out. He might think he's a champ, but he's just a chump!
You finally did it, Buu. Just like you wanted from the start. You put an end to humanity.
...all a dream...couldn't be somebody...stronger than me,the undisputed Martial Arts Champion of the World...Pink monsters like Buu don't exist...neither do purple people with pointy such thing as little green men that guard the Earth from evil!
He [Supreme Kai] does look a little strange. A Kai? What's that? Some sort o' purple leprechaun?
Oh...I wasn't sleeping. Fooled you, huh? I was actually in a deep meditation. Even though I showed the outward signs of sleep, I could still sense you coming down the hall and entering my room. What do ya think of that?
What's wrong with you ingrates [Earthlings]? Can't you lend us a hand? Come on! How many times have I saved you people, huh?
This must be the punishment for all the lies I've told in my life. The fame and fortune and women.
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