Muse Songs With the Best Bass Lines

Vote for songs that you think has the most amazing basslines that muse had produced.

The Top Ten

1 Hysteria
2 Time Is Running Out
3 The Handler

Chris Wolstenholme is such a cool bassist. I like the distortion on his bass and the chorus! - Userguy44

4 Dark Shines
5 New Born
6 Futurism
7 Uprising
8 Hyper Music
9 Fury
10 The Groove

The Contenders

11 Panic Station
12 Map of the Problematique
13 Resistance
14 Easily
15 Liquid State
16 City of Delusion
17 Crying Shame
18 The Small Print
19 Sunburn
20 Starlight
21 Knights of Cydonia
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