I love this song! I have it on my Rock band game. This song simply open a new light to me, from the me in the past who think it's just some kind of depressing emo song, to the me now who listen to this song when depressing like listening to a friend who knows how I feel.

I first heard the song on the radio and it was stuck in my head for days. I finally found it on the internet and it's what got me into muse! It's been my favourite song for years now, the lyrics are fantastic, the bass riff is insane and I'm learning how to play it, great song! It's their best one!

Not sure if I like this or uprising better, if I must chose from the list. can't believe take a bow is not on here, because that song gives me chills. still, hysteria is an amazing song, it's very powerful.

I literally have 95% of their songs in mp3 and after all consideration I choose this piece of art.
The bass riff is quite symbolic for all of muse's fan...
My first muse's song ever

I'm glad this song has gotten attention after standing so long in the shadow of "Time is Running Out". Probably the only song on the album that overpowers Matt Bellamy's sharp inhalations.

The best song of their famous song (I think Glorious, Falling Away With You and Exogenesis Redemption are simply amazing and breath taking and at the same very very underrated! )...

Just edges out citizen erased in my opinion, because its incredibly catchy and the solo is incredibly melodic despite the song being mostly chromatic, it has the best bassline I've ever heard, which overshadows the underrated awesomeness of the guitar riff, the harmonies from the vocal overdubs are genius as well.

one of the heardest songs on guitar to play and possibly muses best work this should be number one if not Knights of cydonia as they were the two most popular muse songs

Just an amazing song. The bass line... Its just fantastic! Hysteria is my favourite song of all time and should be the number one muse song, in my opinion. SUPER!

This should easily be #1. Time is Running out is basically like a weaker version of Hysteria. No part of this song is NOT great, and it's got such unique sounds!

The first half of the guitar solo is simply one of the most heavenly little tunes I have ever heard. Love to play it on the piano.

This song should be in first Place!
And I'm breaking out! I'm breaking out!
4th place, what a Disgrace! - RandomGuy18

An absolute masterpiece that is underrated, because it's not so mainstream and commercial as for example Time is running out. Matt rules!

My favorite track from Muse's best album ever! The bass intro, the lyrics, the singing of matt bellamy in this song will never get me bored.

For some reason whenever I'm feeling angry this song comes to my head, don't know if that's a good thing but its still a pretty sick song

Everyone's equally amazing in this song. Just why I love it. But that's Muse for you

Everything about this song is perfect. It's got Muse's best bass line, their best guitar solo and their best video. Enough said

"I want you now, I want you now, GIVE ME YOUR HEART AND YOUR SOUL" - how more obsessive can one get about someone?

Start listen to Hysteria by definitely leppard and you would never know this song name by anyone else!

The most amazing song, the best possible vocals and the guitar riff in between leaves me speechless.

When I first fell in love with this song I think I must have played it like a hundred time in a row... - Sammy

All of their songs are amazing! But shouldn't Supremacy be in this list of top 10 Muse songs? I think so!

So amazing its very good song perfect world and music so match with the word god song and voice

This was my first muse song I ever heard, it the song that got me into rock music, I love it!

It's totally amazing. The lyrics and the music is really great. It should be on number 1.