Knights of Cydonia


The best muse song ever the greatest build up in a song ever, and it doesn't disappoint. The guitar riffs are some of the best Muse have ever written and it has the most epic feel to it ever. How the hell is hysteria above this?

Genius. An epic (an adjective I don't through around a lot) prog metal song that will take you to a place where there are cowboy-knights on Mars. The album version is fantastic by itself, but the song also has a cool music video and the Live Wembley version is, in my opinion, even better (Muse is one of the few bands that can outdo themselves live). Easily their best song. Uprising and Time is Running Out shouldn't be above this.

Knights of Cydonia might not be my favourite song by Muse because I don't really have one, but for me this is definitely the best. But this is more an objective comment than a subjective one, I already said that it's not my favourite, but you can't deny that it's simply epic. It has everything: a good intro, an epic end, a catchy guitar riff, a cool video..., and what about its amazing live performance? Knights of Cydonia is a masterpiece. Clearly the best song by Muse.

When you listen to this song you can imagine the haunting, howling journey of a knight on horseback, rushing into battle - something no other song can do, something no other band can do. This song is a journey in 6 minutes - never does it get boring, and best of all, whatever lyrics are in this song and however repetitive, it is absolutely splendid. Knights of Cydonia is Muse's best song without a doubt.

Between Matt's voice, the synth, the chorus, the solo after "SURVIVE, " and the drums (even better when live and best if at Wembley), I can't see how this isn't number one. Also, the music video is hilarious. But I would definitely say this is Muse's best song (despite it being overplayed with Guitar Hero) and Glorious is probably their most underrated song.

I just never get tired of this song. I can listen to it over and over again, and I enjoy it just as much every time. Awesome, creative riffs, unique lyrics and themes, and overall epicness make this song probably my favorite Muse song. Every time that distorted guitar riff comes in at the end, it just blows my mind.

Just Awesome. So much of it is brilliant to an extent that I do not believe the word song captures fully the quality of the music. Great tune, great lyrics, great guitar. A true masterpiece and quite comprehensively their best song thus far. First time I heard this was from the Wembley 2010 concert and it just blew me away.

I've never heard another song like it. Majestically produced and unbelievably creative. When you're listening to it, it feels like you're riding a horse, wearing glimmering armor, sword in hand and heading to the envy castle. Even if there aren't many words to the song, every part is amazing.

In my opinion this song is their best. It is crafted to perfection and the guitar rifts a superb. The main factor that made me love this song is the live version. The live version (H.A.A.R. P edition) is arguably better than the album version as the rock is put on a new level.

I swear, I'm on some sort of pan-galactic adventure every time I hear this song! The lyrics are awesome, and there are really sweet instrumental bits. I love listening to it. It will never get old, and is among one of the most-played songs on my itunes.

I love Muse, and I love this song!

Most Muse songs are written in a classical style, including different themes and movements (albeit usually in a short track of 4 or 5 minutes). This song exemplifies that style of songwriting. This is the "musiest" Muse song.

Come on why isn't this number 1? Yeah, "Time is running out" is awesome, like everything else muse makes. But Knights of cydonia is an iconic song that almost everyone know the riff of. One of the best songs in the history of music.. Just saying

This song is the greatest song ever. Its just as good live. If there were any songs better than this, they could only be by Muse. The single cover is also really awesome. It has a great bass part, with awesome drums and one of Muse's best guitar songs. If not the best.

The song represents my philosophy... you stand on your feet and no one can help you but you yourself... n the first 2 minutes of the song are simply amazing... it was also the 1st song I listened of muse... simply AMAZING! - rakeshmoony

Great song in all aspects. Amazing vocals, love the guitar, I absolutely adore the trumpets during the intro, and the break down all the way to the ending is so powerful. It is a song that you will always love and remember forever

Its perfectly crafted with a suspensful intro which drives right into the fast determined beat with the epic guitar melody and the high notes then back to the head banging intro and into a beautiful harmonic chorus that builds up into the final breakdown which is just an amazing climax. The song ends on a righteous note. The End.

I am not much of a muse fan. There are a couple pretty good songs from them but this one takes the cake. Great tempo, outstanding vocals, and pure imagination are what makes me think that this is there best song

First Muse song I ever heard. On Guitar Hero I, haha! Funnily enough, I can't really pick a favourite, but because this song gets me feeling good, nostalgic, epic, glorious, ashamed (because of GH) and invincible, I tend to choose this one. It's got a great riff, awesome vocals, it's complex and simple at the same time and the video is just so weird, I love it!

This Is honestly one of the best songs in history, despite its length and the fact that It lacks great lyrics, The fact that the small amount of words in the are so catchy, completely makes up for that! I Recently went to see Muse at The Ethiad stadium, and when they started playing this song, everyone went crazy!

There are many songs to choose as "the best", but I think this is the most powerful, awesome, and epic song Muse have EVER composed. Simply amazing. Legendary.

This is my favorite Muse song for me, because in my opinion this is the Iconic Muse song. And it's a fantastic way to end any Muse gig, and it fits perfectly with Man with a Harmonica.

This song is just insane, It was immense live at glastonbury 2010. look that up on YouTube. I can't resist to headbang after the first chorus because the change in sound is just so good.

Great Muse song with one of the BEST riffs and makes you really understand why muse owns, and every body likes them (At least they should like it! )

It's maybe not my favorite song by Muse but it is definitely one of their best and THE classic Muse song. I totally love this song, the story it tells and the little irony in it!

The best guitar riff ever. Thanks to this song, I discovered Muse. This is one of the most epic songs ever. Unbelievable that this song isn't on number 1.