New Born


This should be in the top 5 along with Stockholm syndrome, citizen erased, bliss and fury. this song has the best guitar riff I've ever heard. and I think muse fans that have only been listening from 6 months to a year shouldn't be aloud to vote. they don't know them well enough to say which of their songs are best.

After literally just playing this song for the first time, I can say that it was the most orgasmic I have ever felt from listening to music. This group is brilliant, and this song provides a glimpse of divine energy. All who listen to it are privy to a secret, cosmic place. I can't believe what I just experienced.

This is the first muse song I ever heard, and it completely blew me away. I remember being like, "oh, I've heard of these guys before, I'll try this out," and by the end of the song I was completely speechless. The only course of action was to listen to every other song they've ever released.

Became a Muse fan late in the game. (from 2010) Just recently got into their older stuff! "origins of Sym.. Is a killer album as a whole) but this song (New Born) is the greatest song of all time! I listen to this song at least once a day since the first time I heard it. Its like cocaine for the ears...

Absolutely their best song, the lyrics, the piano intro, the guitar, all amazing. But most of all, the buildup on the song is just crazy. It's like the buildup on Sleeping Lessons by the Shins in that the whole song is just a huge buildup, except this song sustains the peak more.

HIGHER! For the love of God this song is my third favourite overall, it needs to be at least in the top 5! Anyway, this song is a masterpiece. I especially love the start when it goes from the soft tune to the powerful sound of the guitar. Simply orgasmic!

The song has everything, a simple yet catchy piano piece to begin with before progressing to the heavy rock, Muse madness that we have all become accustomed to. Listening to this live just enhances the experience!

oh my god it's my favourite.

why this song isn't number one. - jad_fadel

There is so much going on in this song and it is purely fantastic how all the components fit like a puzzle. In addition, it is incredibly catchy and absolutely catches the spirit of the band (which Origin of Symmetry truly does as a whole)

New Born is without a doubt their biggest song. Maybe it's because I was listening to them way before the Resistance and Black Holes and Revelations, but this song will always top my favorites for Muse.

This needs to be top. The beginning is unbelievable. You get that quiet, creepy tune and then it just explodes into awesome. Always the first muse song I show to friends.

This song may not be muse's best song, but it definitely is their best song to hear live. They change so many things and make it so cool. Every performance of this song is different. I love it!

Come on this is their best song. Everything about it just screams epic. Even the live version is good... I actually like the version from HAARP better than the recording..

Possibly my favourite song ever. The guitar riff is one of the most amazing things your ears will ever have the pleasure of hearing, and the vocals are also outstanding!


New Born is my favorite song of all time. 2nd favorite song Twisted Logic-Coldplay. And 3rd Stockholm Syndrome.

New Born is amazing

Unreal melodic progression, balanced with a soul-thumping bass, this song speaks to the subconscious with unexpected twists and satisfying climax.

It sounds WAY BETTER performed live. In my humble opinion Muse is the one of the few bands that I prefer listen to live rather than a recorded version.

Was looking at their top ten list to see what songs a lot of people liked, I saw this and gave it a listen, it's like in my personal top 5 now, kicks ass

I've been a Muse fan ever since I first heard them and although I love all of their songs, this one is by far their best creation. For those if you who don't know, this song started off as just a jam riff that they played during the showbiz tour that they would play from time to time. Towards the end if the tour when they were writing songs for origin of symmetry they decided to take this riff, which is the main riff if the song, and turn it into this heavy rock song. I think it's the best guitar riff of all time. New born is even better live especially the solo which is K.I.L.L.E. R I must say! MUSE ROCKS!

My favourite Muse song, perhaps my favourite song of all time, such a good song to play live, powerful guitar, killer bass and fast drums.

Extremely under-rated song from seeing it on this position. Origin of Symmetry is easily their best album, and yet New Born is here?

This has been out for over 10 years and it continues to blow me away. If you want a good introduction to Muse, you have it right here.

A brilliant opener to the best album ever made. This song is just immense and sets a brilliant vibe for the rest of the album.

Not only does it have a great bass riff, the lyrics are so deep and leave so much to your own interpretation. Amazing song

This song if by far has the best piano riff and the explosion at the middle is intense! Guitar ending is just too much