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21 Feeling Good Feeling Good

Feeling good isn't just a cover, it's a BRILLIANT cover, the best cover done for this legendary song. The intro is soft and slow, typical Muse and then it gets proper rock-and-roll-y, and the first song I heard by Muse and ever since then I've been hooked...! It's amazing go listen to it now! Don't keep reading this go on YouTube NOW!

I thought Feeling Good is their song. Now I saw for the first time it's a cover. My whole life is a lie. Anyway, great song - uros

AmaZing song should be number one! They remade this classic perfectly and enhanced it to a new level. If you've never heard it go listen now it'll be worth your time.

This song always gives me chills, such a good remake on an amazing song. they truly out did themselves with this song<3 I could listen to it all day

The jazzy feel gives such a nice dark groove to this one. Best songs off OOS:
1. New Born
2. Feeling Good
3. Citizen Erased
4. Bliss
5. Plug In Baby
6. Space Dementia
7. Megalomania
8. Futurism
9. Hyper Music
10. Screenager
11. Dark Shines
12. Micro Cuts

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22 Sunburn Sunburn

Awesome Piano and Bass Riffs
altogether the best Muse song in existence - seacowphil1

Love this one, the piano is just amazing, gives me chills

like a clasiique song really great and awesome

A very great song! beautiful, it starts with a fantastic part of piano and then it is everything just wonderful

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23 Micro Cuts Micro Cuts

This list is so messed. OOS was best album (along with The Resistance), and this is the best song off it. Such a unique song.

I don't usually like songs which are sung on though high an octave, but this song is unbelievable. The chorus sends gives me goosebumps as Matt Bellamy reveals His true potential. For me it should at least be in the top 10

This is their best song. The originality, the intensity, the insanity of it all. Everything turned up to 11. This is space gothic opera rock. You could start a whole genre off of this song alone

The vocals in this song are amazing. The use of instrumentation like the organ gives such an unique sentiment. This is a great masterpiece.

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24 Take a Bow Take a Bow

First muse song I ever heard simply the best buildup of any muse song, to start with a keyboard and to slowly build it up to what sounds like dozens all running riffs over each other in Orgasmic perfection while many beautiful vocals overlap creating a hugely full sound... Then the guitar comes in and you realise at this point that you have been listening to a true masterpiece

This songs speaks the truth. The atmosphere is amazing. The way the music builds up and brings in a dynamic flood of different emotions. As a writer this music helps me to write anything I want. I'm simply lost for words for this song. It's truly, truly amazing.

How is this not in the top 10? It's the most epic piece of music I've ever heard. It's like James Bond is spitting Charizards at a giant nuclear bomb while aliens crash land into a load of ninjas.

Sunburn, Muscle Museum, Cave, Uno, Psycho, Panic Station, MK Ultra, Resistance, Feeling Good, and many more songs are better than this.

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25 Muscle Museum Muscle Museum

Amazing song, so well crafted, what is is doing all the way down here?

The song about how INVISIBLE they were. Singing in crowds but no one would look. In the dictionary, Muscle comes before Muse and Museum comes after. Muse was literally ignored even in the title. This song is their most underrated masterpiece and truly shows their origins and humble nature. Listen to the acoustic version, it truly gives chills. It will always hold a dear place for Muse fans since it's so inspiring!

'I don't want you to adore me, don't want you to ignore me, when it pleases you. And i, I'll do it on my own. 'this song is awesome. Even though it's the second song they ever wrote under the title muse, its still the best. I love muse

Starting bass makes your ear vibrate. Amazing song

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26 Supremacy Supremacy

This song is the one of muse's best song. It's very distinctive to any other song by them or anyone else for that matter. The bass intro to this song is the most badass intro! The bass will shake you and when he first open his mouth, it's the most godly thing you will ever hear!

What a start to the song, just awesome, their songs makes them so gigantic!

Just heard this song and is easily one of their best up there with Citizen Erased. Incredible song.

One of my most favorite song from muse. The starting and the end of the song Guitar, drums and bass are just beyond amazing. Guitar riff is more like a metal riff. And the Matt's high pitch vocals, makes that song really more energetic.

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27 Unintended Unintended

such a great romantic acoustic song... wt a diffrent guitar chords.. like you are in the heaven... loved it alot. like your pain has been sucked from you.

To me, most every song in Showbiz is underrated (considering that Muse hadn't even begun to rise to fame at the time). But this song in particular is a brilliant, powerful acoustic song with that hint of sadness that Muse always brings to the table. Not to mention that Matt's vocals impress as always and play a major role in setting the tone for this song. Whether you're a

This song here deserves a real high position in the list... It's the first song I ever heard from them and I was just like - WOW! How can someone have such a great voice? Top class song!

May not sound so "Muse", but this song is one of their best

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28 MK Ultra MK Ultra

How can this song NOT in the top 10?!? It's the song that really got me into Muse and started to explore the band. I had this song playing in my brain for days! How Matt sings it, low and high tones, so diverse! Not to mention the guitar playing, awesomeness! Vote vote!

Go research Mk ultra for a little bit, then watch the Mk ultra MTV video. Then come back and vote Mk ultra up. - BoomBangBoi

Love the guitar riff to this so much I just had to learn it so many muse songs should be film sound tracks

What a cool song!

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29 Reapers

Practically everything I love about a Muse song congealed into one item. "Drones" is top heavy, but this is at the forefront of their library for me.

While my favorite Muse song is probably Knights, I'm voting this one because it is easily top 10 and currently it is really low.

Amazing song from the new album, the bass line is really cool, the solo guitar is really enjoyable

Should really be higher, great guitar work and a powerful message about killing by remote.

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30 Apocalypse Please Apocalypse Please

great piano and keyboard.
this is one special and unique song.

One of the best rock piano intros ever.
There is not a bad song on Absolution, but Apocalypse Please is definitely one of the best.
Muse's piano based songs are awesome!

Definitely one of their best. Love the piano and synth. Plus a very emotional vocal performance from Bellamy. - IronSabbathPriest

In my opinion the absolute best MUSE song ever.

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31 Invincible Invincible

I enjoy so many songs from Muse... I've been following them since 2003... Went to many concerts, even moved to Wembley (I'm from Switzerland)! Impossible for me to choose just one song. I chose Invincible because I love it and it has a very special meaning for me. Can't wait for SECOND LAW

I Think this song is the best I have ever heard! When I watch a video live I found on Youtube of this one... I have no words.. really
Obviously the guitar solo is amazing!

this song is so emotive and powerful
and it has their best guitar solo EVER! -

31 are we nuts?!? genius guitar work and emotion what a roller coaster top 10 guys

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32 Panic Station Panic Station

Great bass, great drums, great guitar, great brass, great lyrics, great vocals, great production, great solo, great song.

The best song from the 2nd law. Period. This song deserves a place in the top five.

This song along with Stockholm Syndrome is my favorite muse song. Panic Station has sort of a different sound than most muse songs, but it still rocks! I can't get tired listening to it.
The bass is awesome, the drums, the guitar, the voice as well. You can really see how the band has evolved musically when you listen to this song and compare it to some of their older pieces. You can hear the old muse as well as the newer sound that I still like.

This song just had an amazing feel to it that hooked me in. And for all those people who think I'm just another "new" muse fan who hasn't listened to OOS, it's actually my favourite album by them. But this is easily my favourite song.

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33 United States of Eurasia United States of Eurasia

This song has Queen written all over it, and I mean that in the nicest way possible. This is the best song from the Resistance, and one of their best songs of all time!

This song is so amazing!
How is it not in the top 10!
The lyrics are great and it's so powerful when it's performed live
And it reminds me of queen

Wow. Why is this song all the way down here. Should be at least in the top twenty. So well written, watch the extras video as well.

I hate this so much but then I really don't like Queen either

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34 Madness Madness

Damn this song is great! And the ending is just beautiful!
I don't care what they say, the new album is going to be fantastic.

Muse´┐Ż's ability create great songs in many different styles is just awesome. Matt is one of the greatest song writers ever in my opinion.

Vote up people..
Don't you think its an amazing song?
I'm addicted..

I'm addicted also haha this has to being of their greatest songs

Guitar riff & high pitch vocals in the last part, 'I need to love' just amazing. I always listen that song in silence. It's an epic song from that whole 2nd law album.

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35 Follow Me Follow Me

I think "Follow Me" is Matt's ode to fatherhood. Although I didn't really like this song at first because I thought the lyrics are too simplistic and bland for a Muse song, and I'm not a big fan of Matt's new deep voice he sings with that makes me feel like Muse now takes themselves too seriously, "Follow Me" muse mean a lot to Matt. However, I do enjoy the dubstep in this song. In a nutshell, if you want to enjoy this song, don't be so picky about the lyrics, and just enjoy it as Matt's ode to fatherhood. Once I did so, I was really able to feel Matt's emotion and I am now able to get the whole "Follow Me" experience, and the message that this song was meant to convey. Once you get past the straightforward lyrics and think of Matt's deep voice in the beginning is a lullaby for his infant son, it makes the lyrics and Matt's vocal performance all the more suited perfectly for this song, and you can feel just how heavily emotional this song is, and how beautiful this song really is; at ...more - raptorhunter

This song is so cool, why is it this far down? Muse have tried using dubstep in their new album, and to me it has worked, I love this song and I love loads of muse songs too, I just voted for this one cause it's a great song and it's this low down on the list! I LOVE MUSE!

Such a brilliant song with dubstep... Modern and melodic

What are muse doing?!? I liked this song until it was all like YOU CAN FOLLOW ME! I was all like D:
And then dubstep...what?

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36 Unnatural Selection Unnatural Selection

This song deserves a higher rating. Maybe people will start listening to it and rate it higher in the coming days.

Great Great song like many of Muse hits.

Can't believe that this song is not here - the fast and the slow, the pounding bass and its general awesomeness.

Please Guys listen to this song. It is top 5 deserving song. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!

Always gets stuck in my head

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37 Survival Survival

31? You got to be kidding me! This song deserves to be in top 10. The guitar solos are plain awesome. One of the best of their new album.

Great song. Muse knocked it out of the park with this one. Perfect theme for the Olympics--extremely motivating. The truth is that there really is no best Muse song because there are so many excellent ones.

Awesome composition! The lead melody has a great balance with the orchestra.

The start sucks but the rest is great!

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38 Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 (Overture) Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 1 (Overture)

If Heaven ever fought Hell in an epic battle which decides the fate of the Universe, this song would accompany it. Excellent orchestration and earthshaking arpeggios make this Muse's best song in my opinion.

Amazing buildup, Thom Yorke like vocals, a great guitar solo, and orchestral perfection

Gosh...i only discovered this song today. It sounds like if Thom Yorke created a space opera soundtrack.

How on earth is this so low? This is the definition of masterpiece

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39 Dead Star

I tink this is muse's heaviest song. - biddiebob99

Best song in my opinion. He has the right voice to do this style, and the way he sings it is absolutely incredible. The drums are solid, and the song seems to be well thought out.

defo a powerful song the fills ya with anger - hobbsy666

Wish they would played it more often in live... Everyone could go insane!

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40 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist Thoughts of a Dying Atheist

I love this song. Pure and simple. It's amazing, and it relates to death and such. This is the most played song on my iTunes. If you haven't listened to this song, I would certainly suggest it.

Beautiful, catchy, meaningful song. All I could ever ask for. It's been on repeat since I bought it

This song definitely should be higher. The lyrics are brilliant as well the guitar solo

"Look through a faithless eye are you afraid to die? "
The lyrics amaze me

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