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61 Cave

a very unique song absoluetly my favorite

This song is beautifully unique, from the emotional screaming of the chorus to the incredible piano outro. Definitely the greatest Muse song.

Epic final... So emotional!

The outro gives me chills every time

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62 Dead Inside

This song is the better version of Big Freeze - seriously, there's a section that sounds exactly like Big Freeze. I think this should go up, at least a few positions.

Put off at first but now is just fun to listen to. The lyrics are good as well

Good new song, I expect it to grow on me - Songsta41

One of the most badass muse songs

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63 Glorious

One of the most wonderful songs by MUSE. It is very powerful and it makes you feel so intense emotions. I will always love this song. Simply phantastic.

I hope the only reason this is at number 69 is because it sounds sexy like Linkin Park

Unique song in every way... In my opinion... This is better than knights of cydonia

Outstanding song. Beautiful Space Opera feeling throughout. My top 5 overall.

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64 Futurism

This song is overlooked by so many fans. It's an extra song to the greatest album Muse created - Origins of Symmetry. The falsetto Matt uses in this song is incredible, especially at the end. I think the lyrics are really powerful too.

This sing is the epitome of what Muse crates. Screeching guitar, massive sound, desperately soul-sucking vocals, and a deep meaning that is unfortunately missed by many due to its exclusion from the original album. Muse has made some incredible music, but this is the best. Listen and be grounded.

It shouldn't have been a bonus track because it is overlooked for that

Definitely a prime example of Muse at their darkest, grittiest and most brilliant! It's one of those songs where every element comes together to make your jaw drop throughout

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65 Map of Your Head

I gotta say there's some therapeutic value from matts astonishing vocals and that chord progression I love the falsetto that comes back again and again throughout the whole song the lyrics are very deep and meaningful to and most importantly if you close your eyes it makes you feel like your in Hawaii

Great song! It has a nice relaxing vibe about it, I smile every time I listen to it If you haven't heard this song go listen to it now! It should be much higher on the list so give it some votes!

Great acoustic piece, incredibly we'll written and sung. Muse are the greatest band ever.

Makes me happy :D

66 Ruled by Secrecy

One of their deeper, more emotional songs. This is surely to make any listener freeze in place and get goosebumps during the chorus. This song is, in my opinion, a "happy" song (No more being ruled by secrecy from government and all that) however even though the government is "gone", no one rules and everyone is confused not knowing "who is in control". This is most definitely one of Muse's songs that you have to listen to while thinking at least a bit negatively.

Had to Ctrl-F just to find you, Ruled by Secrecy. Only Muse could write a song about a guy that has just come home to his wife after killing everyone at work. Brilliant piano work from Matt Bellamy and the explosion in the middle of the piece is just amazing. Easily one of their best songs.

Easily overlooked at the end of absolution but If you ever have the pleasure of seeing this live you will get it. Quiet and beautiful then hits you in the face with as powerful a piano riff as you have ever heard

This song makes you have feelings you have never thought of before. It is so deep and it is beautiful, and I don’t know why this not in the top 10.

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67 Escape

It's a really underrated song but it conveys great emotion and always touches my heart

Escape has got to be the most underrated Muse song, it has so much meaning behind it and it gives off a very emotional feel - jados24

68 Mercy

Essentially this song is Starlight: Part 2. Fantastic song!

This song should be #1. I know it's new, but it's my number 1 favorite song. Just amazing that it's so far back on the list...

I kinda hated this song when I first heard it but I kinda like it now

In my opinion this song needs a lower rating

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69 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable

Unsustainable is possibly the most hated song of Muse's careers, and very judged by the fans. I personally love this song enough to call it my favorite Muse song. It combines the instruments of rock into a new sound never before expected could be done on instruments. It combines an epic orchestral opening, a cool-sounding transmition about the 2nd Law of thermodynamics, an awesome dubstep-rock main riff and a breathtaking vocal solo from Matt Bellamy.

My favourite song from 2nd Law. Totally moves me and is totally epic. I think muse fans should be grateful that they try new things and don't just repeat same stuff.

This song is so powerful and epic. Muse fans are not true fans if they can't accept this great track.

This song has kinda made me like dubstep...

Help :(

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70 Hyper Chondriac Music

I like this version better than Hyper Music, but I feel like Hyper Music fits Origin of Symmetry better. - neonbrother

I want to die while listening to this song.

This song is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SONG I HAVE EVER HEARD. While the top 5 are not bad in ANY way, I just thought they won beause they are overrated.

Better than hyper music in my opinion

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71 Yes Please

By far, the best Muse song of all time, an AWESOME riff, the voice is perfectly manipulated and that hard rock style is great. Please listen it and you will be agree =) - mattlol

More distortion please.

72 Aftermath

Why is this so far down here?

Deserves to be in the top 20

One of the best ballads

Very heroic tone..great music, should listen

73 Guiding Light

This song is at least top 20 if not top 15. Such a great sound, its awesome

This song isn't great but it's not terrible,

It was amazing in Rome. But it's a really underrated song.

74 Darkshines

I agree theat everyone has got a different opinion, but why is this so poorly rated? I mean, has anyone ever heard a song where matt conveys emotions better than in this half-screamed, half-sung chorus?

My favourite Muse song along with Hoodoo and Showbiz. But this song is something else. Muse is really good at composing such intense emotional songs.

Love piano bit in the transition into the chorus. This isn't their best song but should be higher

After listening to Muse for several years, this song never gets old.

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75 Pink Ego Box

An underrated b-side song.

This song help my friend break up with her creepy online boyfriend

76 Spiral Static

This song display great vocal range, with three ocatves ranging from A2 up to G5.

The music (as always :)) is amazing, even if Matt didn't sing they would still be incredible
Muse Forevah!

77 Neutron Star Collision (Love is Forever)

This song is amazing! It's what got me into Muse in the first place! It's got beautiful lyrics and is really catchy!

People dislike this song simply because it was in a bad movie franchise. Being moody and grouchy and hating the song on a technicality is causing some 'fans' to miss out on a great song. It's catchy, it's bouncy, and it doesn't deserve the hate it gets from many Musers. I also pulled the whole 'this song is a sellout twilight is for idiots boo down with capitalism' thing, but once I listened to it a few times it really grew on me, and I love that it's so upbeat, which is great and different from a lot of their music

Breathtaking song. Like the "our song" of Sid and Nancy.

Agree with everything being said. Beautiful song in a movie that didn't deserve it.

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78 Defector

A little bit Radiohead, a little bit Queen. The first song I heard by Muse and it got me instantly. It's different --doesn't follow the usual pattern of a song. I love it

Reapers, The Handler and Defector. It's an outstanding sequence. Besides The Globalist, Defector is probably my favourite song of Drones.

So far my favourite Muse song. What a beautiful, honest, and true song. Every Muse fan must listen to this masterpiece!

This song just sounds so cool! The epic queen esque vocals in the chorus send shivers down my spine. I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list. - huntlee17

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79 Screenager

This song is just one of muse's hidden gems. At first I always skipped the song and though it was stupid, boy was I wrong. It just pulls you in with Matt's beautiful voice and the guitar are sounds very awesome with its dark tone


80 The Gallery

Just because it's instrumental doesn't mean it's not good, Muse are great musicians!

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