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81 Easily

How the? What the? 78th? Listen it entirely once guys please

Simple, but satisfying. Such an electrically charming song, at least in my top 30. For sure best b-side of all time.

Such a simple structure, yet such a haunting bassline.


82 Eternally Missed

Great B-side track. Infact, probably their best. Fantastic Bass riff and simple awesome guitar solo towards the end. Worth a listen to and worth higher on this list.

How is it so low?! This would have to be Muse's best b-side, it deserves more!

Great song, deserves to be in the top 20

Too underrated, even though it's one of my favorites

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83 Shrinking Universe

One of Muse's darkest songs I believe, but it is so unbelievably beautiful and heart wrenching! The falsetto gives me shivers every time I listen to it!

Has earned more attention, especially the second half is pure goosebumps (the scream along)

One of the best overrated song. 86? seriously? the song that got me into muse. it worth your time. Change your life believe me.

84 Recess

Awesome! Every thing is just perfect! The guitar is so good, and Matt's voice... There is no word to describe it. He is one of the bests singers in the human history. It's development is perfect, starts simple but beautiful and then MUSE comes, all of them. As I said before PERFECT!

the only song i praise from hullabaloo

Matts voice sounds so great in parts of this song, I love it when he does the high pitched voice :P

85 Crying Shame

It's a crying shame that no one voted for this

86 Twin

Somehow, this song is always overlooked. It is one of the less well known songs, and it is possibly only one for hardcore MUSE fans, but it has about the best chorus of any song ever. It does what only MUSE can pull off so well - to give you goosebumps, and absorb you completely.
Awesome song - top 3, for sure! - bcaf

THIS SONG IS MAKING MUSE UNIOQUE. It's not just some random rock band. It's an atmosphere. An experience. Uprising? Just nope. Muse could be resume by Twin, Citizen Erased, Futurism and Yes Please. It's something new! Muse are by far the best of the 21st century, but are sadly known for the wrong songs...

87 Shine

I still don't get it guys... Did you guys never heard of this one? Or am I really the only one who ever heard this thing? This thing is masterpiece, every time I heard it, shiver still running down my spine and always shed a tear...

Such a relaxing feel to it. I love all the arpeggiated synths working together with the acoustic guitar.

88 Hate This And I'll Love You

They hated... Do you love them now?

89 Hidden Track

Where do I find this song? This is the only song on the list I haven't heard, I'm sure it's fantastic but I can't find it :(

This can be found on the Starlight dvd. If you type in Muse Hidden Track on YouTube then it should come up.

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90 Host

Host is really good?!?!

91 Piano Thing

Yas Matt is incredible at piano, he doesn't do as much piano in the newer songs so I'm sad ☹️

92 Prague

Prague is, believe it or not, my second favorite B-side/rarity. It's not a beautiful work of art or a stunning masterpiece, but sometimes you need to take a song for what it is. This should definitely be higher on the list.

93 Con-Science

This song is really sad, it's also sad that it wasn't voted for, because everyone just voted for uprising and Cydonia there good but please listen to everything by muse

One of muse best. It's a great buildup song and the piano is extremely haunting.

Absolutely haunting, amazing song

Sad and mysterious song. Unforgettable.

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94 Soaked

Soaked was one of the many great muse songs that unfortunately were not released on an album and is hard to find. It may not be muse's best, but it's still criminally underrated. You can find it on youtube pretty easily though, SO LISTEN TO IT AND BE AMAZED! Stop reading! GO!


95 Ashamed

One of the better hullabo soundtrack songs

96 Forced In

This song is awesome! Matt belamy's vocals are so haunting, the acoustic guitar sound pretty sweat. This song in my opinion focuses on dark themes such as addiction to greed. This song sould at least be in the top tens! Great song from the best band ever!

Is this song about a holding a fart in?

97 Interlude

Why is this so down low, it is better than at least 30 of Muse's songs

98 Prelude

Enchantingly beautiful. Shame it's a little short.

99 New Kind of Kick
100 In Your World

I don't quite know why, but I absolutely love this song. It has to be one of the most underrated Muse songs there are!

People only listen the new stuff and think all of the old stuff is just crap that's there, but I love this song

THIS SONG JUST ROCK! Come on; it intergrates Bach's "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" as a piano piece and the main riff in the beggining. Why isn't this number 1, or at least in the top 10?

This is one of my favourites and I personally think that it's just as amazing as dead star

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