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121 [Drill Sergeant]

Yea this is like mah favorite song in like the world it's like so like good like listen to it
:) JK don't waste your time listen to ruled by secrecy

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122 [JFK]
123 Revolt

One of my favorites off of Drones, the opening guitar and vocals are fantastic

This is one of the few good songs from drones.All the others failed

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124 Aftermath

Why is this so far down here?

Deserves to be in the top 20

One of the best ballads

Very heroic tone..great music, should listen

125 Popcorn

Such a great/fave instrumental and remake of the Hot Butter tune from the early 1970's.

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126 Sign O' the Times

If Prince and Muse had a baby...

127 Lies
128 Lithium
129 Where the Streets Have No Name
130 Falling With the Crowd
131 Boredom
132 Forameus V 1 Comment
133 Man of Mystery
134 Backdoor
135 We Are the Universe

I love this song, so epic for the intro of a great concert!

136 Rain
137 Jigsaw Memory
138 Feed
139 Cut Me Down
140 Who Knows, Who Cares?
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