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141 Soldier's Poem

A rare example of a Muse lullaby. Matt's haunting voice is accompanied by fantastic choral backing by Chris and Dom. Lyrically on top form too! Criminally not in the top ten.

Guys, please listen to this beautiful composition.

One of the bests and not just from Black Holes and Revelations. The lyrics is so heartbreaking and true. The music is so natural. All in all, it should be in the best songs of Muse.

Makes you freeze every single second of the song.

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142 Psycho

What the hell is going on? Why is this song at frigging 141? That is totally stupid! Who cares if there's swearing, it's not always about the bad words in a song. It was well crafted, okay.

Should be In the top 20 at least, extremely underrated, good riff, good energy, who cares if there's a lot of swearing, at least it's good!

This song really doesn't deserve to be anywhere near this low on the list! Should be at least top 20, if not top 10! By far the most popular song on Drones.

This song is a throw back to their earlier work while also keeping their electronica heavy sound keeping fresh and new

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143 Explorers

Should be higher and I believe muse should of gave this song more publicity then it got. It is a great piece from the 2nd law and maybe even my favorite song by Muse as well.

I can't believe this song isn't more popular. It's so beautiful, the way the song subtly builds and adds layers, as well as the imagery and the message. Powerful without being loud. Easily one of my favorite songs of all time

What 95? Should be top 20 I think it's very touching.

Listen to the lyrics, and you will realize how powerful the song really is.

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144 Animals

This song is very well written, especially since its in 5/4 time. Just love the harmonies at the end : DO US ALL A FAVOR! Fantastic song.

This should be way higher up! I love this song and I would consider it the best song off of The 2nd Law. It is musical genius!

This song, in my opinion, has some of Matt's best guitar work. The Flamenco inspired guitar is beautiful, and it has such haunting lyrics with such a strong message about the world's economy. Also an awesome, underrated bass line, as well as a whack drum time signature.

Beautiful social and political stance! Beautiful musicality too...

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145 Big Freeze

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE? #100? REALLY? Have you even listened to it?

In my opinion Big Freeze, together with Explorers, will go down in history as the most underrated Muse songs ever. RIP. They'll surely not make the top 10 or maybe 20, but still.

Apocalyptic song by Muse, with shreds of hope scattered throughout the lyrics. What more can you ask? My personal favourite off The 2nd Law.

How is this song last?

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