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141 Emotion Coming
142 Weakening Walls
143 Sling
144 Interlude

Why is this so down low, it is better than at least 30 of Muse's songs

145 Intro V 1 Comment
146 Dig Down

84! What is wrong with you people? If I come back next week and this song isn't in the top 20 at least, I will curse you all a thousands years in hell! (or express my anger elsewhere). What I'm saying is, this song is incredible and deserves to be #1. Let's make it happen!

Why don't people like this song? Yes it's not Muse's best and it's certainly not like any of their more popular work, but it's still a fun song.

Brilliant song with a brilliant message helps me like hell when I am feeling down! What a song!

It's horrible

V 2 Comments
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