Plug in Baby


The riff in this song is one of the best, most epic riffs of all time. The lyrics of the song are also stupendous. There is just so much emotion in this song, too, you can tell the anger and the pain that went into this song. (Which is actually funny, as Matt admitted to have been on shrooms while writing this song. )

This song was considered to have the best guitar riff of the decade, and this song is truly EPIC! If you haven't yet listened to this song, I think it's time you did1 it will blow your head off its that great :D listen to this song and vote for it!

I love the song, the video, the people in the video, the person who made the video but I will dislike it just for the sake of it. Please don't be offended. the song make ME wild. Without hearing the powerful lyrics and vocals. I think this song the best song of MUSe

Plug in baby? Behind Supermassive black hole?

come on guys we all know plug in baby should be at least 4th

Should at least be in the top three. Supermassive Black Hole is only number 4 because of all the tools that watched Twilight. Although I do like that song as well.

Amazing song. Amazing riff. Amazing video. Amazing lyrics. Amazing drums. Most listened song on my Ipod (108 times in the past 3 months), the beginning is enough to place it at the #1 spot. Well done Muse. Best song ever.

What a great song. Unforgettable guitar riff. A subdued start followed by a bellowing chorus. Matt almost reaching the height of his gifted falsetto. Fantastic live. Truly remarkable song!

Outstanding song... The guitar in this song is amazing. One of the great song ever sing by any band. And the lyrics is also heart touching. This is really a great song.

One of the best riffs ever. Just love this song. And for another reason, this one's my favorite. It speaks about the guitar. The guitar-MY PLUG IN BABY

The most powerful song from Muse. powerful. Catchy. Brilliant. Along with Space Dementia, Showbiz, Hysteria, and Knights of Cydonia, this song remains on my top 5 Muse song.

Best song of muse ever... the riff is amazing! Acoustic or studio version, they both rock!

Hello from Mauritius

The best riff ever! Muse are the best band of the century

I love this song! I like supermassive black hole but it should be in front!

The best Muse Song PERIOD! One of the best riffs I heard! Though I listen much to heavier and more extreme genres I still like Rock bands like Muse!

Should be #1 best guitar riff ever created I never get tired of this song with its brilliant lyrics and powerful chorus.

Muse best band ever!

The most amazing song in the history of the world. Enough said.

My PLUG IN BABY crucifies my enemies when I'm tired of giving, WHOA. And my PLUG IN BABY in unbroken virgin realities is tired of living...

This song has become a staple of Muse. Rocking the 2000s and making their best song ever

Easily the Muse song I've listened to the most. Can easily go on repeat as well as with any other Muse song.

This is one of the most amazing songs of all time. Its like a kick of heavy cocaine punches to your brain.

Best song created by the muse I can not get over the rush it sends through my body and you can't help but smile when you hear this.

Great Riff, Great song, Phenomenal band. Just too good for human ears. Matthew Bellamy has an unbelievable voice quality!

Should be number 1 in my opinion. The guitar is amazing! This is by far the best song (in my opinion) muse has ever made!

This is one of my favorites, everything about it is great. The intro is so powerful and Matthews voice is amazing!

Probably the best song ever written, the intro is amazing and when played Live, makes the whole audience jump