Seriously 32nd place? This one of the best MUSEs songs and only as 0.3% of the votes? Burn in hell voters.

Heavily underrated, it's so raw and dark, with some amazing high notes, and that end is so great, it gives me chills down my spine. - Quart

Emotionally and lyrically superb. this song has just got everything and I love it as it reminds me of me... so much. I'm shocked how it is right down in 32nd though. I really thought it would be higher. I could listen to this song over and over and never get sick of it because its just got thr passion and emotional perfection to bring any musician, from pop to heavy metal, into such admiration of how good this song really is

Showbiz is the far best Muse song ever with its really meaningful lyrics, the guitar and of course Matt Bellamy's amazing vocal. I can't get enough of this masterpiece.
This list is far too wrong, how come songs like madness or undisclosed desires are on top of this song? These songs are probably voted by new Muse fans.
In my opinion:
1. Showbiz 2. Bliss 3. Plug In Baby 4. New Born 5. Defector

The best track of the first album, no doubt about it! Lyrics and music are awesome. A totally underrated song. Should be inside the top 5, maybe the best song from Muse.

Absolute masterpiece. The intense drum build up at the beginning, the haunting lyric and vocal job, the intense pace of the song when things get going, ended when things come full circle with an awesome drum outtro make this a top 5 song. It's voted #1 from me to get it's rating on this board higher.

I was going to vote for New Born, but I see that my old pal Showbiz here, needs some help. Come on people.

Most underrated Muse song ever.

Easily their best ever song, in fact one of the best songs ever recorded an absolute gem

Reminded me of Chris Cornell when Matt Bellamy hit that high note.

Best song ever. The proggressive tone of the song is completely amazing. It is actually quite shocking that it isn't in the top ten songs. Probably because no one has heard. A big piss off...

I like the whole song especially the high note in the end.

! How this amazing song is not in the list please vote

This deserves to be in the top 5, it is an epic song

Dark and so emotional, coupled with an angsty and intense guitar riff. Love Muse!

This song is simply EPIC!
Love it. The lyric, the melody and vocal is wonderful
PLLLEEESSE guys, LISTEN TO IT. It's worthy